Jury Duty Hell

jury duty

I don’t know how many of you  have served jury duty but, I get called to the blasted thing all the time.  I mean it’s like, they must have my name flagged and as soon as my two years are up,

I’m called again.

NavySeal rarely gets a notice to serve. He has only received one summons  the entire time I’ve known him.

And he didn’t have to serve because of impending surgery.

I’ve received a slew of them.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem being called to serve.

I don’t have a problem with serving.

 In fact,once I’m a juror, I’ll fight my tail off in deliberations.

jury selection

The problem is,

if I get called to go to a courtroom as a potential juror,

that’s it.

I’m going to be a juror.

jury duty2

I mean with about 100 people hanging around the jury pool area, if my name is called in the 35 or so to head to a courtroom so they can select 12 jurors,

I’m gonna be one of the 12.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s civil court or criminal.

If I walk into the courtroom,

those darned attorneys are gonna pick me to sit on the jury.

I haven’t figured out what it is that makes me so attractive to attorneys that, they want me sitting in that box.


But, I haven’t broken my streak yet.

Recently, I served on a 6 day trial.  Five days were from 8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m.  and the 6th day (deliberations)was a marathon from 9 a.m to 9 p.m.

It was a multi-million dollar civil case. Dude was rear-ended by a company truck and had to have surgery.  Doctors said that  it’s unlikely  he’ll ever work again.

At least with that case, I understood why the plaintiff’s attorney wanted a nurse as a juror.

But, they had two of us in the room and the other one had more experience than I did. She had 40 years experience.

They picked me anyway.

jury duty4


I actually teared up when they called my name.

I’ve been the only black person on the jury…

in New Orleans.

How does that happen?

I’ve been the only female on the jury.

I haven’t been sequestered yet though.

I have one friend who always tell me that, they need intelligent, honorable people on the jury.

And that I should consider it an honor  I’m chosen so often.

I think my name is stuck in whatever it is that selects potential jurors.

Have you ever been selected to serve on a jury? 





14 thoughts on “Jury Duty Hell

  1. Ya know, it’s interesting to me that I have never had to serve jury duty. Oh I was called once when I lived in Metairie, but nothing came of it.

    I’ve always thought that it might be interesting to serve jury duty, it just hasn’t happened yet. I’ve never however understood though how people can sit and watch in fascination these sensational trials like OJ Simpson or George Zimmerman on television. That’s not something I’d ever do.

    • Reg, I can’t watch those trial on television. Sitting in that lil box with 11 other folks trying not to fall asleep is no fun Reg. If I was never called again, I’d be ok with that. The really interesting thing is deliberations. Lawd, the things you hear. The last one I served on had this man who didn’t want to award the plaintiff any money because “he’s just gonns blow it.” I had to tell that nut that, it’s not any of his business what the man does with his money…it’s HIS money.

  2. I was like u when I lived in the city only I didn’t et picked in the 3 criminal cases cause I knew the judge once, a lawyer once and the victim but it is a necessary pain

    • Ida, you’re feeling my pain too! I agree, it is a necessary one. Just wish they wouldn’t find me necessary as often as they do.

  3. YOU are the quintessential juror !!! Alert, intelligent, honorable and detail oriented… Those qualities just ooze from your pores!!! The attorneys must sense that ! LOL

  4. I served on criminal court jury duty at least SIX times, you’d think they would have a better computer program to call some of the people who never got called before. The trials were always pretty quick, though, and the thing I most remember is being so hungry and wanting to leave. I really hate being trapped, that is my main phobia. If they call me again I am going to get out of it. I can see how they would want you on the jury, you are smart and you don’t suffer fools quietly. good luck! sp

    • SP, you are feeling my pain…six times1?! The last time I served, we had a really nice judge. She had snacks for us and let us break pretty often. She was great!

  5. Love the pictures! I’ve been called once and that was when I lived in Houston. I’ve lived in metro Atlanta off and one for 15 years – never been called.

    • Taz, when I googled jury duty and saw those pics, I just had to use them. I wish they’d stop calling me…it’s getting kinda ridiculous. They have a lot of people here who’ve never been called. They can give me a break!

  6. I’ve only been called once in my entire life. I was shocked! Lol. I thought I was doing a good job of staying off lists. I was sick at the time. I had my doc write a note and send it in. And, I was excused. I haven’t heard from them since.

    But, I can see how it could be interesting. Plus, the way Black folks get railroaded in the justice system, I wouldn’t mind serving to offer some balance.

    • Val, you’re right about that. I’ve been the only black person on the jury before so, I was glad to be able to offer that balance.
      Still wish they wouldn’t call me as often as they do though. They have enough folks in this city, heck, they can call my husband! 🙂

  7. Dear BC, I get called regularly too! I know it’s cause I’m a public school teacher. This year was the first time I didn’t get called into a courtroom. I feel your pain. As a civics teacher I have been appalled at the ignorance of my fellow citizens. One young man actually said the plaintiff should move to another state if she couldn’t find a job( she was 64 years old and had copious medical issues) when an insurance company reneged on paying her medical bills!! I am always ready to serve. Being 50 gives us a perspective youngsters don’t have. Happy birthday and welcome to the grown folks club AARP ELBrunot

    • El Brunot, at least I know I’m not alone. I don’t mind serving JD, I just wished they would call my husband a bit more than they do me! 🙂

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