Krewe of Nyx Summer Social

Well ya’ll, I’ve been to my first function as an official Krewe of  Nyx member.


Saturday,the krewe  held its 3rd Annual Summer Social Meet and Greet.

It was a wonderful event!

When I first walked in, I was like,

Lawd, what have I gotten myself into? I don’t know a soul up in here! 

But, the energy in the room was off the charts.

Everyone was so friendly and welcoming that,

I was chatting it up with new friends in no time at all.

summer social1

The food was great,the cocktails flowed abundantly (hey, this is New Orleans ) and the DJ kept the music spinning so naturally,

we all hit the dance floor!




summer social3


We did more Wobbling and Cupid Shuffling than the law allows!


summer social4





The cake was delish!

The cake was delish!

It was a great girls night out.

The thing I love most about the krewe (aside from being on a float and throwing like crazy) is that, their purpose is,

To encourage, foster, promote, and cultivate a spirit of sisterhood amongst the members of the Krewe.

I like that purpose.

I love this krewe.

February 26, 2014

we roll.

my new shirt!

my new shirt!



10 thoughts on “Krewe of Nyx Summer Social

  1. FAN-DAMN-TASTIC !!!! I am SOOOOO Happy that YOU enjoyed yourself ( YOU DAMN SURE DESERVE IT!!!!) Your post shows the scene and you captured the energy in pic and word. GREAT JOB , as always !

  2. That looks like so much fun, BC! I’m happy to hear you had a great time.

    Also, I saw on the news that there was a jazz festival going on there. Did you go? And do you go to the Essence festival?

    • Val, I had a ball. The Jazz Fest was in May. I went and it was muddy as heck! I had pics, but my phone died and I can’t get my pics off of it.

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