I’m Still Here

It’s me again! I can’t believe its been two months since I’ve put a post out.  It’s been hard to sit at the computer lately.

I’m noticing that when the weather gets warm, it gets hard for me to blog.

Residual Katrina issues?

Maybe…especially after Hurricane Issac and a week without electricity.

I know it’s bad  because, I haven’t blogged about festivals. I’ve been to the French Quarter Fest and the Jazz Fest.

Still, I couldn’t push out a post.

Couldn’t even sit at the computer.

I tried to keep up with my favorite blogs.

Didn’t comment much, but I was  there.

I”m still here though.

I’m gonna try to post all week to catch y’all up on what’s happening in my world.

It’s been sorta quiet though.

My son turned 21 last month. ..he’s a grown ass man now.

YellowJacket now lives with her dad.

The house is almost TOO quiet.

Empty nests are not all they’re cracked up to be.

I love the sound of family around.

My running is coming along well.

I can run farther than one tree to the next now.

I actually look forward to running now and get upset if I can’t make it out there.

It’s hot as hell down here in NOLA and the summer hasn’t even really started yet.

I’m gonna have more posts this week.

I gotta get my Mojo back.

Miss y’all!


16 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

    • Hey Ida!
      You know I’m always thinking about you. I’m going to put a post up with some of the festivals I went to next week. I think I only went to the French Quarter Fest and the Jazz Fest so far. There are a few more festivals that I may go to…if it’s not too hot.
      It was 100 degrees today 😦

    • Thanks Reg. I’m trying. I would have blogged this week, but I was pulled into “jury duty hell” and I’ve been there all week!

    • Hey there Sude!
      I’m trying to keep it together! Everything is finally starting to level off so, I’ll be blogging more often…as soon as I finish with jury duty.

  1. hi bc, nice to hear from you again! I’m still dreaming of next year when I will win your king cake give-away contest! take it easy & enjoy the beautiful hot summer, sp

    • HI SP! I’m so glad to hear from you! I’ve missed looking at your beautiful pictures. I’ll be back in the swing of things starting next week. I’ll be having more giveaways so, be on the look out!

  2. The Blog Mojo is a tricky thing, I have learned! I’ve been going through the same thing lately and I hope I’ve got it beat now. Lot of adjusting to a new place and I got myself into this self-inflicted gnarly work schedule that had me wanting to go to sleep the second I got off work. Miss writing and sharing. Missed reading your stuff too so I’m glad to see you out here again!

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