Mardi Gras 2013

a wet mardi gras day

a wet mardi gras day

Zulu 2013

Zulu 2013

Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls

Rex's Butterfly Float

Rex’s Butterfly Float

My coconuts!

My coconuts!

Hand carved! It's a keeper!

Hand carved! It’s a keeper!

Coconut from The Big shot! My mojo must have really been kicking!

Coconut from The Big shot!
My mojo must have really been kicking!


I’m pretty tired, but I had a great season.  Although, I’ve heard of two incidents where riders on the floats were assholes.

Someone riding with the Krewe of Thoth apparently was throwing “Mamie Dolls” at older black women on the route and they were exploding on impact.

Also, a fool riding with the Krewe of Bacchus hurled a jug of urine at a guy. At least this guy went to the end of the route and filed a complaint. The link is here is you want to read up on it.

No word on the mamie doll throwing mf’er.

As much as I love Mardi Gras, there are people riding who are complete assholes.

A lot of racists up there too ( my next post).

I guess it doesn’t dawn on them that, they’re standing targets up there on those floats. It will though when someone pulls one of them off of the float or shoots one of  them for messing with their family member.

Mardi Gras is a wonderful time in the city for the most part.

But yeah, a lot of assholes view it as an opportunity to practice their racists views…

or as a time to simply be a jerk.


Still looking forward to next  year though.

Because for every ass riding,

there are five who aren’t.

They’re the ones who make the krewe special,

and help make Mardi Gras

something to look forward to.






4 thoughts on “Mardi Gras 2013

    • Reg, it hadn’t rained on Mardi Gras day in a while. Seems like the Krewe of Nyx is getting the rain. Although it does usually rains during some portion of Jazz Fest.

  1. Wow, great photos, BC.

    Yep, racists will be racist. They just never stop. I wonder how bad it was back in the day.

    I’m glad you had fun. Thanks for writing posts about Mardi Gras. I get to live it through your words and photos!

    • Val, you get to see some of it up close and personal this time of year. I love blogging about events in the city. I have a feeling that’s the direction my blog is slowly heading.

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