A Taste of Saturday Night With Endymion’s Super -Tandem Float

The world’s longest float belongs to Endymion.  Making its debut on the streets of New Orleans last night, the 9 segment float is 330 feet long and holds 230 riders.  The music you hear is playing off of the float.  The float celebrates the rides of Pontchartrain Beach which was an amusement park in the city until its closure in 1983.  I used to work at “The Beach”  from ’80-83 so, it was real cool seeing the float.

Brought back a lot of memories.

Be sure to take note of the crowd…it was massive out there. And remember, the route is 5 miles long and the crowd is just as massive on the opposite side of the street!

It was a great night for Endymion!


Me all lit up like a parade!At Endymion

All lit up like a parade!
At Endymion


2 thoughts on “A Taste of Saturday Night With Endymion’s Super -Tandem Float

    • LOL! Reg, That’s my light up hair piece I got from Nyx and the rest of the light up stuff I caught at Endymion. Endymion did pretty good with throwing light up stuff.

      Yeah, that float is pretty long. Couldn’t swing the first turn at Orleans and Carrollton. They had to take it apart. I wonder what they’re gonna do about that next year

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