Marid Gras…Nyx, Muses and Druids

Nyx stole the show! They threw more and had more specialty throws than Druids.

Here’s my stash!

Krewe of Nyxed to death!

Nyxed to death!

I have much more, but these are my favorites. Managed to get 4 purses and 3 martini glass bracelets thanks to Felicia the fishing net,


I had a  killer reach for the Krewe of Ancient Druids parade. I think I’ll bring her with me on carnival day!


Roy Guste photos

Roy Guste photos

I loved the playful jabbing that Druids and Nyx had going on. Druids started it last year, but this year Nyx was ready for them.


courtesy of wgno

courtesy of wgno

It rained on Nyx yet again. Two years running, two years rain.  I think the universe is sad that I’m not riding yet. The rain will stop when I get a spot on a float.

Well, that’s what MY head thinks anyway.

I’ll be up there next year! Can feel it in my bones! I saw a lot of extra room on those floats..surely there’s room for lil ole me.

photos by wgno

photos by Roy Guste

The kids are such troopers.  They don’t get enough praise as far as I’m concerned. Marching and performing for 5 or more miles is not easy….and in the rain too!

nyx wgno11

Way to go kids!!! You do a terrific job out there keeping the crowds entertained! Mardi Gras wouldn’t be the same without you guys.

Muses rolled yesterday and as usual they were fantastic! I love Muses! The crowd was thick and CRAZY!! I think they cut up more for Muses than they do for Bacchus and Endymion.

Roy Guste photos

Roy Guste photos

I get it. It’s the shoes…everyone wants to receive the coveted Muses Shoe. If you get one consider yourself very lucky…




Not too shabby considering I didn’t hustle for anything.  These are the favorites.  I love the shoe bracelets! It’s gonna go great with my purse bracelet I got from Nyx. I’m gonna use them as part of my ‘”Krewe Couture” that I’m wearing on Mardi Gras Day.

photo by Roy Guste

photo by Roy Guste

I don’t know who this young man is in the wheelchair, but he wasn’t going to let this season go by and not be out there! That’s the way it is when you’re a kid here. If you’re in the band or part of an auxiliary group, you have to be out there!  Memories that will last  lifetime are made on those streets.

A Roy Guste photo

A Roy Guste photo

The insane crowd by me!

The insane crowd by me!

Muses and Nyx both threw like crazy! I’m glad to see the ladies doing so well. It took a long time coming but, GIRL POWER is here!  Some of the other krewes can take some lessons on throwing from the ladies…they were very generous.

photo by Roy Guste

photo by Roy Guste

Tonight it begins again with the Krewe of Hermes,Krewe  d’ETAT and the Krewe of Morpheus rolling Uptown. Start time is 6 p.m. I’m gonna watch them on the parade cam at WWLTV.  They seem to have a better cam than  Anyone who wants to watch the parades can watch them here.

I need a break!

Tomorrow will be the start of a whole lot of running around. I have to rest and get ready for the madness!

Y’all have a good weekend!



6 thoughts on “Marid Gras…Nyx, Muses and Druids

  1. Gotta love all that Mardi Gras booty!!! Mardi Gras throws are kinda like that box of chocolates that Forrest Gump was talking about….”ya never know what ya gon’ get.”

    • Reg, that’s the truth. Although, I’ve gotten kinda specific now. I go up to the float and ask for what I want. I’m tired of watching them throw all those generic beads.

    • Val, every year I say, I’m not gonna collect that stuff. And every year, I end up with a bunch of it.I send a lot of it to my nieces and nephews who live away.

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