And The Winner is….

*throws purple,gold and green confetti*

Alrighty! We have a winner!!

I let PurpleKnight and Yellow Jacket draw the names out of the purse (Hail Nyx!).

I can’t believe those two knuckleheads actually started whining. They both wanted to pick the name so, we also have a runner-up in case the first place winner doesn’t contact me with their addy.

PK picked first place and YJ picked the runner-up.

Here are a few pics of the drawing,









The winner of my first blog giveaway is…VAL!!!!

Second place goes to Susanna (SP)!!!!


Now Val, ya have one week to get your address to me . After a week, the prize goes to the second place winner.

Email me at

Happy Mardi Gras!

You’re gonna love the King Cake!

*Y’all I’ve been trying to put this post out since 9 a.m.   Both of my computers are acting crazy so, I went to the library. The computer at the library  was acting crazy as well!  Hopefully, it will go definitely go out this time!

It’s been a rough morning.







12 thoughts on “And The Winner is….

  1. Well, congratulations Val! thanks bc for trying so hard to get the cute post out here… I had an e-mail this morning so I knew the outcome early on. maybe next year…. as always your pix & writing are adorable. thanks, sp

    • SP, we were wondering about that. The computer at the library showed it as published but when I looked it up on the phone…nothing. Weird. I’m gonna have more giveaways this year. Since this is my 50th birthday this year, I’m aiming to do 50 giveaways…some big, some small…some secret. That’s what I’m aiming for anyway 🙂

      • hi bc, you are very generous! It wasnt actually published till afternoon, that I could tell, but sometimes the draft is saved and google or whoever catches ahold of the draft. So I got an e-mail notification that your post was published, when it actually wasn’t! Lately I’ve been prescheduling most posts for later publication, which seems to work-around this problem. have a beautiful day, sp

    • LOL Don, I actually thought about that…how to show it was an honest drawing. Pics just seemed like the way to go. I’m gonna put a video up with my next giveaway though.

    • Those two hams of mine love taking pictures Reg. Thanks for liking my lil ole’ blog.I like to keep y’all with some NOLA flava around here.

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