Good Monday Randoms


I know I was supposed to give y’all a blog post Friday, but the weather here is giving me the blues.  My sinuses are really taking a beating with the fog. The fog is worse than the pollen is on my sinuses. I know it’s foggy even before I get out of the bed because, as soon as I open my eyes, I have a splitting headache.  

Since today is the first day since Friday that I’ve felt like a person, I’m giving everyone an extra day for the giveaway. I’ll do the drawing Tuesday night and announce the winner Wednesday morning.

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Well, what’s left of it.  The city held a parade today and there was a shooting yet again.  This is really getting old. Every year there seems to be a shooting on MLK day. I’ve never gone to the parade because of the shootings.  I don’t know if I’ll ever go to see it.

Today, we witnessed the 2nd Inauguration of President Obama.  I only managed to catch a few glimpses of the ceremony.  Drifting in and out of sleep, trying to get rid of sinus pressure kept me from watching the television.  

What I did manage to see though was beautiful!  I’m sure the ceremony is on the internet somewhere. I’ll have to catch in it online.

The city is in overdrive getting ready for the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras.  It should be a very interesting event.

Not as interesting as it would have been if the Falcons were coming.  Although if I had to go by my twitter and FB timelines, it may be a good thing that they didn’t make it.

Some people were brutal! Man!  

Mardi Gras flags are flying high! Today I spotted 1 Rex, 1 Nyx, 2 Endymion and 4 Muses flags.  Although, I have to admit, I see Muses flags year round. I expect to see more Nyx flags flying in the near future.

Parades are in full effect this weekend. The Krewe of King Arthur rolls Sunday, January 27th. NS and I were supposed to ride but, we decided against it this year. The krewe suffered some hurricane damage and won’t have as many floats on the streets. We’re gonna wait until next year to ride.

I’ll still be out on the parade route supporting them though. They’re a great krewe! 

That’s all I have for now…my head is still fuzzy.

I’ll be posting more frequently now that parades are rolling and the Super Bowl is around the corner!

I love this time of year.

Last chance for comments!






9 thoughts on “Good Monday Randoms

  1. the sinus thing is everywhere i am suffering in fla well get rest and enjoy the weekend putting my mardi gras decorations up this weekend

    • Ida, I’ve been so sluggish that I haven’t put my mardi gras decorations up. I’m gonna do that this week. More people are decorating for carnival now.

  2. It seems to me that there are a lot of sick people here. I went off on one of my direct reports the other day for sneezing on me in my office. People with rude behaviors and I don’t mix well and someone usually ends up cursed out…….not me.

    There are times when I actually miss Mardi Gras……but not that many if we’re not talking about King Cake.

    Enjoy your Mardi Gras season.

  3. I hope you get that bug out of your system.

    I’m so upset I won’t be coming for the Superbowl! It was bitter sweet watching the inauguration because I was supposed to be there 😦

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