Happy New Year and What’s Happening Randoms


Welcome 2013!   I am so glad that the new year is here.  Honestly,I don’t feel like I accomplished anything in 2012. Most of the time, I felt as if I was spinning my wheels and not moving. I’m sure if I racked my brain hard enough, I’d be able to think of something.

I shouldn’t have to rack my brain though.

I’m gonna try to do better and be better this year.

This year is a milestone year for me.

I’ll be the BIG 5-0 this year!

Any day above ground is a gift but, I’m really looking forward to turning 50 this year!

I welcome getting older…just want to be as healthy and physically fit as possible while doing it.

Also, this will be my 5th year blogging!

Lawd, how have I been blogging for 5 years!?!

Good ole’ NOLA has helped me with that…she’s always throwing some sort of party.

So what’s happening with me and mine?

Well for starters, my dad has been wonderful!

He’s more like his old self…maybe even better.  He hasn’t been forgetful or argumentative so, that in itself  is a blessed thing.  I think the new meds he’s on are helping him out a lot.  He’s been spoiling PurpleKnight and YellowJacket so, they’re in 7th heaven right about now.

Mardi Gras is in the air!

Oh, I almost forgot that I’m keeping positive carnival karma around me….so,

Krewe of Nyx!

Every time I mention Mardi Gras I’m supposed to say,


It’s to keep positive energy heading this way so, I can move up their waiting list.

Keeping that positive energy out there is slowly paying off.  Take a look at the pic,


I’ve heard from the Krewe!

Don’t break out the umbrellas and start second-lining  just yet though.  I’m a non-riding member of the krewe until I can get a riding spot. I’m happy with that because a lot of women are wishing membership would open up again…at least my foot is in the door. They even sent me a members only t-shirt and I get to go to the events which is cool because

Navy Seal and I are going to the Nyx Myx Masquerade Ball!

Whoo Hoo!

Gotta get all glammed up for that one! Ball Gown,Tuxedo and Mask type of party!!

Finding a dress is gonna be hard as heck because I’m so damned short petite but, I’m gonna find something.

I’m so excited to go!  I can’t wait!

Today is the official start of my countdown to King Cake with 5 days to go!

I’ve decided  to rev up this here ole’ blog a bit and follow the lead of my blog sister, LadyLee and do a giveaway!

That’s right!

I’m going to give away a Randazzo’s Kingcake!


All ya have to do is comment on the posts and I’ll put your name in the hat to be drawn. Each time you comment, I’ll put your name in so, the more, the better. At the end of the week, I’ll draw the name  and announce the winner!

This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants a King Cake to get a free one!  If you’ve never had one, here’s your chance to try it!

This is only for folks in the USA though, I can’t ship out of the country.  I’ll have more details regarding the giveaway at the end of the week. It will probably be near the first weekend of Mardi Gras which is Jan 26 th so keep your eyes out for the giveaway post!

PurpleKnight and YellowJacket are fine. They’re doing their own thing now.  They’ve both decided to go to the same college next fall and room together.

Those two ….can’t live with and can’t live without.

I’m glad they’re so close.

My dog-abusing neighbors have moved!


I’m  happy they’re gone.

I’m so glad I rescued my doggie from those crazy folks.

He’s living a wonderful life now.

We have some wonderful people staying in the house now. Real quiet family and respectful of the neighborhood.  Last night they popped fireworks and  swept the street afterwards.

Now that’s some thoughtful neighbors!

That’s all I have for now…I’ll be posting more frequently.

With Mardi Gras season here and the Super Bowl coming, I’m sure I’ll have lots to tell!

Have a blessed 2013 y’all!



21 thoughts on “Happy New Year and What’s Happening Randoms

  1. Happy New Year!!

    Congrats on getting in the Krewe – I know it’s not official official but you’re in there like swimwear.

    When’s the big 5-0 party? I need to make my travel plans.

    I want that cake!!! 🙂

    • Taz, I’m hoping to be on that float real soon! I haven’t the foggiest idea what I’m doing for my birthday! I don’t think I’m having a party though. So far it looks like Vegas or Disney World/Universal Studios.
      I bet you do want that cake! LOL

  2. Happy New Year BayouCreole…..and stop staying away for so long. You’re missed when you’re gone for too long, you ought to know that by now.

    That Kingcake is the business……..ooooohhhh I can taste it now.

    I think my son and daughter would kill each other if they roomed together….no, that wouldn’t be a pretty sight. Hopefully both of them will come out of The University of South Carolina this year…I’ve got my fingers crossed anyway….and my toes.

    Congrats on the Krewe thing, I know that’s important to all you ‘Nawlinians. I know you guys live and breathe for that stuff. I remember a few of my friends there being very proud to belong to a Krewe.

    Today is my brother’s 50th birthday. After the leave New Jersey in a few days, I will head straight towards him to give him his late birthday gift. I had to wrack my brain to come up with something appropriate for his special day.

    Good black don’t crack, you don’t look a day over 35 BayouCreole.

    • HNY to you too Reg! I’m gonna try to start blogging more…my goal is to post three days a week…even if it’s a short post.
      We Do live and breathe Mardi Gras don’t we…lol And with the kids out of the way, I’m REALLY getting into Mardi Gras hard and heavy! Some of my friends are trying to get me to start my own all female krewe. Still thinking about it…hmmmm.
      HBD to your brother!
      Reg, I may look young but, I seem to be spreading. I’ve finally have that middle age spread which, wouldn’t be bad if I can get rid of the tummy…the hips and ass I love…I can keep that! LOL
      I know you and Tazzee are gonna be fighting over that king cake! I forgot put my brother and SIL in the mix as well!

  3. Hi bc! and happy new year! I’m glad to have this post from you, as I was feeling a little down, with the “winter recess” over and back to reality. You have a great attitude about everything. have a great 2013, sp

    • Hey Ida! Happy New Year! Isn’t that a pretty mask?! It’s not mine but, I’m gonna try to find it in the stores…I really like it!

  4. Happy New Year, BC! It sounds like things are already looking great for your 2013! You always make New Orleans sound like the most amazing place. The city ought to make you an Ambassador for the city!

    I’m glad your new neighbors are good ones. There are few things more frustrating than bad neighbors. My neighbors are borderline bad neighbors. I need to write a post about all the ways they frustrate me. Lol

    Congrats on getting into the krewe!

    You look great, BC!

    • Thanks Val! HNY to you too! NOLA is really amazing to me. Always something to do and there’s something about being surrounded by all of this water that relaxes me. The city takes on a totally different vibe during Mardi Gras. Family and friends get together to enjoy the revelry, the kids all look forward to marching in the parades,krewe members are all throwing their balls and getting ready to ride…everyone seems a little happier. This is my favorite time of year in the city.

  5. Happy New Year BC…
    What a great list of things! I wish you the very best for this year and may your and yours continue to be blessed.

    Btw, I watched Beats of the Southern Wild last night; loved the movie, but damn if I wasn’t left with an ish load of questions. I may be emailing you about it

  6. YOU look G R E A T !!!! 50 is just a small step dawlin, as long as you keep on keeping on as you do! As for NYX, you’ll be a riding member so, I’ve sent up and continue sending prayers up on your behalf ( know you want to do that girlie thang with NYX) B U T …we’re BOTH going to be part of Orpheus next year…LOL
    Know that I love you , the kids and your dad …and will protect you and them always !!!! BTW I like lemon filled King Cake !!! ROTFLMAO !!!

  7. Wow! I can’t believe that you are a day over 35. (Tell me what’s your secret)

    I know that 2012 has had its challenges but I hope that 2013 brings you everything that your heart desires xx

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