BayouCreole Battles The Silent Killer

This is one post that I’m actually glad to be able to write.

If I’m writing it, I’m still here

and I didn’t stroke out.

Even though I’m still stuck in the bed, at least I’m not in the hospital anymore.

It all started  Thanksgiving  Day while I was in the kitchen cooking something.

I just didn’t feel like myself.

I felt tired and my heart was racing.

So, I stopped cooking and took a nap.

I felt better after that so, I finished cooking my holiday meal.

I took my vital signs.

My blood pressure was elevated but nothing too bad.

My pulse rate was another story though…it was high.

I called it an early evening and went to bed to get some rest.

The next morning (Black Friday)  when I took my vitals signs, my blood pressure and pulse rate was still elevated.

I started to worry because I usually have a low BP and now, it’s been high for two days.

And my heart rate had been elevated for two days as well.

I began taking my vitals every 30 minutes  to keep an eye on it and

at  noon, my blood pressure hit 188/101 with a pulse rate of 130!

That bought me a trip to the emergency room.

I was hooked up to a monitor so they could keep an eye on my heart ( wouldn’t want me to have a heart attack or stroke while waiting to see the doctor)ran an EKG and some labs.

Everything looked okay.

My head was foggy as hell though and my pressure and pulse remained high.

So,  after many hours in the hospital,

they gave me some medication to bring my pressure and heart rate down,

diagnosed me with high blood pressure and gave me a prescription for some meds.

High Blood Pressure.


The Silent Killer.

It runs in the family and it seems to have caught up with me.

But we’re gonna battle it out,

because I have no intention of remaining on these meds.

And I play to win.


29 thoughts on “BayouCreole Battles The Silent Killer

  1. Well thank God you’re alright BayouCreole. The Internet wouldn’t be as warm and friendly a place without you.

    At least you know what the issue is, knowing is half the battle.

    Please take care of yourself.

    • Well thank ya Reg! Knowing IS half the battle. I don’t mind eating more fruits and veggies…but goodness, in the spring when all the festival start…I’m gonna be whining like a big baby on here! LOL

  2. Oh bc, I’m so glad you got to the emergency room, and are under control now. I have to take blood pressure medicine too, but never experienced anything dramatic like that! Thanksgiving is stressful and I also worry about food-borne illnesses. But whatever it takes, please continue to take good care of yourself. sp

    • SP, it funny you should mention food-borne illnesses because, I think eating all of that meat ran my pressure up. It had never done that before but, there’s always a first time. I’m gonna stay on top of it because, I hate meds and I’m not trying to leave here anytime soon. As much as I love the food here, I don’t plan on dying for it.

  3. Add as many unprocessed foods to your diet as you can stand. Eat lots of fresh organic fruits and veggies, drink homemade herbal teas, drink much water, add fruit to water and blend it at high speed in a blender. Fresh fruit water, no sugar! It cleanses the system of excess salt, fats, toxins, etc.

    Take care of yourself, my dear!

    • Thanks Anna! If you have any recipes for herbal teas, throw them this way! I already know the one thing that’s gonna be hard is the NO SUGAR. I’ll just have to find fruits that are are sweet to kill the craving. It’s okay to do that right? I’m heading to Whole Foods today to get my organic fruits and veggies.

    • Thanks Sude!! I’m gonna give it everything I got! I hate pills and even though I’m a nurse, I believe most things can be cured with the right diet and exercise so, I’m revamping my life right now!

  4. {hugs} I said an immediate prayer for your health and well-being and I trust the Lord will do His part…By His stripes you are healed! Amen!

    Please do what needs to be done and I agree with Anna Renee about holistic and natural ways of managing.

    I do not have high, but low blood pressure; 90/60 typically, which can be likewise risky; combine that with being anemic, I’ve seen many a dizzy spell and not feeling so good.

    I know you’ll do what needs to be done to remain healthy and strong. Take care sweet lady

    • Awww thanks Blu. See, that used to be my problem…low blood pressure. This came out of nowhere. I’ll still go to all of the great NOLA festivals…I just can’t eat like I used to. Anna Reese it on the money! I’m getting my diet and exercise regimen together now!

    • Hey Sooz! I’m working on it now. Heading to Whole Foods and getting a bunch of organic fruits and veggies. I knew I had to watch it because my sides of my family has heart issues. I guess I have to do more than what I was previously doing.

  5. I’m glad you were so proactive. Hypertension and Diabetes run in my family and I am working to keep them at bay. Like you, I my BP is normally low but recently it’s been in the normal range. And this is why I run.

    • Taz, I plan to do more exercising. I don’t think I’m breaking out my running shoes anymore but, I’ll be doing a lot of brisk walking.

  6. Glad to see all is well, or that you are getting better. Just came across this blog and i will try to check in every so often.

    Be safe and healthy!

  7. Wow, BC, I am so happy you are okay. Sorry you had to go through that but, at least you know now. I will be right here anytime you need some encouragement! And I’ll pray for you. 🙂

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