Holiday Season and the Hot Sausage Hook Up

Well folks, the holiday season is slapping us in the face and the one topic of conversation I keep hearing here is NOLA is,

what ‘cha cooking?

I’m not planning anything fancy…just the regular stuff like,

Gumbo,Baked Mac and Cheese, Stuffed Bell Peppers,Candied Yams,Potato Salad,Turkey,Dirty Rice,Veggies, a few cakes and of course,

dinner rolls.

Again, nothing fancy…just my regular holiday cooking.

A few friends of mine and I were discussing what we put in our gumbo.

One of my friends puts everything but the kitchen sink in hers…gizzards,turkey wings,and all sort of other meats.

My other friend mentioned a lot of stuff as well but, the one thing I noticed that they both did not mention was,

Hot Sausage!

Where’s the heat!?!

I know a lot folks who  make their gumbo without heat but, my mom was a creole-cooking, heat seeking woman and I was raised on gumbo with some serious heat to it.

My mom would always get her hot sausage from Bachemin’s Meat Market….Home of the Original Creole Hot Sausage.

Bachemin’s Meat Market

Located next Circle Food Store on St. Bernard Ave., it was in the perfect location.

Folks would flock to Circle Food Store (you never said you were going to THE Circle Food Store) to purchase their staples and then, go next door to Bachemin’s (or Mule’s depending on how old you are…I grew up calling it Mule’s.)

Kevin Bachemin is a third-generation butcher. His grandfather purchased the meat market in 1969.  Bachemin’s Meat Market had some of the best creole hot sausage around….tasty with some serious heat. Kevin was running the very lucrative business and holding down the family recipe when Katrina hit, wiping out their 40-year old business.

Bachemin’s did not reopen but, Kev still cranks out  hot sausage for those of us who just refuse to eat anything else.

Every holiday season, NavySeal and I give him a call and put the order in for our hot sausage hook up.

Ya can’t blame us for it…you can see the heat in it,

Talk about taking your gumbo up a notch…put some heat in it!

So this Thanksgiving, I’d like to say thank you to Kevin.

Thanks for crankin’ out some hot sausage for those of us in NOLA who know what it means to miss



10 thoughts on “Holiday Season and the Hot Sausage Hook Up

  1. I don’t ask for much in my gumbo…..certainly everything but the kitchen sink isn’t necessary; but I’m gonna need that sausage and some shrimp to set it off.

    I’ll bet your holiday spread is righteous and damned tasty BayouCreole.

    • Reg, I don’t think it’s necessary either. When I was a young girl, I had a bowl of gumbo by one of my relative’s house and my bowl had a chicken’s foot in it! LOL I didn’t eat that gumbo and would only eat my mom’s after that.
      I guess it’s tasty Reg because, it doesn’t last in this house at all! My dad,NS and Purple Knight damned near come to blows over the gumbo and stuffed bell peppers…lol

      • Sometimes I wonder if people realize that there are other parts of a pig or chicken that are far more appetizing than the shit some people eat.

        My wife makes a pretty fair gumbo BayouCreole. Her gumbo doesn’t last very long either.

        My family is from the deep south. Truth is, I’ve got cousins in every damned southern state. There’s some gumbo, shittlin’s, ‘coon and possum on more than a few of those tables on a regular.

        Now while I won’t eat all the shit they’re quick to eat, I know good food when I see it.

        ‘Course I’ve got relatives who aren’t above hitting something on the way home and taking it, skinning it and throwing it in a pot. While I don’t eat “roadkill soup”, I’ve got some relatives that don’t live too far from you that aren’t so particular about where they get their meat.

        Happy Thanksgiving BayouCreole.

  2. I only eat seafood and poultry, but I do like a good gumbo, so I go to the Reading Terminal in Philly to my “pimp” Goodshall for my fix. They can trick out a turkey and make the poultry equivalent of most meat products, which allows me to make my gumbo or whatever dish that I need.

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