A View of Lake Pontchartrain…She Mad Son.

I had to make a last,last-minute run so, I decided to partake in a NOLA tradition of sorts and passed the “black side” of  the lake to take a peek at Ms. Lake Pontchartrain.

Even though segregation is gone we  still refer to Lakeshore Drive by the black side and white side…it’s just what we do.

We’re going on the lake…you wanna meet us?

What part of the lake? The black side?

Nah,we on the white side behind UNO.

Here are a few photos…she mad son…she mad.

Click on the photo for a closer view.










We weren’t alone.









11 thoughts on “A View of Lake Pontchartrain…She Mad Son.

  1. On my kids cell phone. We have no power and won’t have any for a few days. We made out fine. No water in the street ,lights stayed on til 5am.minor damage to soffit and facia from wind. Will post saturday from work. Levees and pumps were on their game. Thank you for your prayers as we faced another hurricane on the anniversary of Katrina.

    • Did you get power yet? We have power but not yet cable or internet. Things up in our end of town were surprisingly rough. All those billboards I’m fond of photographing were torn to shreds. Luckily I took some of the marvelous treme new season billboard before Isaac came. Not much open yet, got comfort food at Robert’s up at west end. I just have this android and a radio really miss tv and computer. So glad you all are ok., bc. Sp

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