Manic Monday…Hunkering Down With Issac Randoms

It’s getting kinda hectic. Hurricane Issac is heading this way, hopefully it’ll drop to a Cat 1 or Tropical Storm before he hits land.


While I was typing this, I just heard Bob Breck call it Tropical Storm Issac.

I hope he stays that way.

This weekend I had to help a nursing facility get ready for evacuation and ended up pulling a 23 hour shift Sunday….0_O

Don’t know how I did that. Hadn’t work that many hours in one shift in a long time.

The only reason I didn’t work longer is because you can’t work 24 straight hours.

I was wired but when I got home, I dropped like a brick.

To the nurses that kept making coffee for me…Y’ALL ROCK!!

Right after I left the facility, I headed to Walmart to get my hunker down hurricane food and other necessities.

They had about 30 of us early birders waiting for them to open up at 6 a.m.  Even if the power goes out, I’ll still be able to cook because I have a gas stove so, we’re good to go.

We also have a big behind grill on standby.

*Entergy please don’t let the power stay off too long*

I checked my street to make sure all of the drains are clear of debris…gotta make sure the water can run  off the street easily.

Well, we’re about the test out these new pumps at 17th street Canal. I had to pass there today..said a lil prayer that they do their thang when I did.

I think we’re ready…shit, if we can’t handle this…it’s time for me to cash in my NOLA chip.

The pumps did fine for  Hurricane Gustav…we’re ready.

I wonder if I’m the only one who keeps forgetting that this thing is coming around the Katrina Anniversary.

A lot of transplant folks are getting real nervous.

Most folks are hunkering down unless they live in a low-lying area.

They’re closing the intracoastal canal (MR GO) for the first time with Issac.

I don’t think Issac is a true test for it because the storm isn’t strong enough to really test it but,it’ll give us a good peek at how it’ll do.

C and D batteries are gone out of every store in the area.

Someone real reliable told me that  Lowes has a truck arriving at 4 a.m tomorrow morning with batteries.

I’ll be there waiting for the doors to open.

Can never have enough batteries.

Tomorrow night is gonna be hectic.

My daughter is nervous.

She still suffers with Katrina issues.

She’ll be sleeping in the room on her areobed with us tomorrow as the storm passes.

If I fall off the grid, that means I have no electricity.

I’ll get back on as soon as Entergy graces us with electricity again.

Catch y’all on the other side of this storm.

Everyone be safe out there!




20 thoughts on “Manic Monday…Hunkering Down With Issac Randoms”

    1. Hi Ida!Thanks.. always good when you come out of lurkerland!

      The powers that be seem to think we’ll get a lot of rain and winds around 80 so that’s a good thing cuz we can handle that.

  1. Hi bc, I know you’re ready! I like that– “hunker down hurricane food”! I scheduled a Katrina Day post for the 29th, and it’ll come up whether we all have any power or not. We still have battery-powered fans, from Oct. 2005 when we camped in the house, and they still work. I hope you don’t have any damage & that you and your family stay safe in Isaac. sp

    1. Shoot SP…battery powered fans ?!? I had no idea but as soon as this is over, I’m going on a witch hunt to find me a few of them! I’ll put them in my hurricane bin with a lot of batteries.
      Hope you don’t have any damage either and you and your family stay safe.

  2. The minute I saw that the storm was tracking towards ‘Nawlins you were the first person I thought about BayouCreole.

    It’s kinda hard to explain what goes through your mind when you’re in the line of fire of a powerful storm like a hurricane. Of course, your daughter has a right to be nervous. Hurricanes are different from anything else around the country, because you can see it coming 5 days out. Those of us in the south will keep an eye on The Weather Channel this time of year and hope like hell that we don’t get any “unwanted company”.

    I lived in New Orleans for nine years and I clearly remember Hurricane Andrew. That storm taught me that you either leave early or you batten down the hatches and ride it out. While I’ve never left my home for a hurricane, I would have left for Katrina. That storm was a tad bit too bit.

    My uncles and cousins in Mississippi get together for their “hurricane parties” whenever a big one heads their way. They will grill a bunch of food (including critters I wouldn’t think to put anywhere near my mouth) and break out some homemade hooch and drink gallons of beer too. Whenever that part of my family gets together for any occasion, the conversation usually turns to one of their trademark hurricane parties, always known by the name of that particular storm.

    Be careful and be safe………and make sure you post as soon as it’s over so we’ll all know that you’re safe and sound.

    1. Reg, it is hard to explain what goes through your mind isn’t it? I was gonna take her for a ride today so she could see the 17th street canals’ “missile-looking” pumps and the flood gate on Downman and Haynes but, the winds have already started picking up. We talked about it yesterday and she’s afraid of getting flooded like Katrina. I told her that if I even thought something like that was heading here, I’d get them out of here just like I got them out of here for Katrina. That eased her mind a lil bit. I also told her that, I’d evacuate for anything Cat 3 and over.

      We’d never left the city for a hurricane either before Katrina. She was a monster on the screen so, I knew it was time to leave with her. I will always remember Hurricane Andrew because I had to drive to Children’s Hospital right before she landed. PurpleKnight was 2 MONTHS old and decided to have an ASTHMA ATTACK during the storm. We hit the ER door and the nurse said “where is he? I hear him before I see him!”…that’s a great nurse.
      She said they were swamped with kids having asthma attacks because of the storm….wow! They admitted him and we rode the storm out at the hospital which was probably the best place to be.

      My dad’s side of the family throws hurricane parties too Reg so don’t feel bad…lol…no critters just PLENTY of booze 🙂

      As soon as I’m able to post, I will…in fact, if I’m able to post while he’s passing, I’ll throw one in as well. I’m gonna be up anyway.

      1. Just take care of yourself woman and keep your family safe. I’ve gotten used to coming to this blog……..I ain’t quite tired of it or you just yet!!!!

    1. Thanks Taz we can never have enough prayers..They just upgraded it to a cat 1 hurricane.
      I’m freezing my house right now and closing doors to the bedrooms so they’ll stay cool a lil while if we lose power.

    1. Thanks Val! I’ll be keeping vigil for the next 24 hours. They just upgraded it to a hurricane (again) with winds at 75 mph. Hopefully we won’t get much more wind than that. We’re getting the feeder bands now.

  3. I have family/friends in the Caribbean and in the south and my heart always goes out to them for the chaos they endure. I used to think those crazy weather events only happened in those areas until NJ started getting hit with some wicked storms etc; some of which caused folk to be without power for over a week.

    I always keep an emergency storage tote packed with things just in case and I need to go through it to ensure everything I need is there so I won’t be forced to run out last minute for things. I’m also going to ensure there’s one at my boyfriends house.

    It’s sad that on the anniversary of Katrina, you’re faced with another adverse weather condition and my prayers go out to you and your family for safety and well-being. An extra special prayer for your daughter 🙂

    Take care sweetie

      1. I can only imagine and I pray your continued safety and well-being.

        I’d like to send some hotel sized toiletries down in order to help those in need. Would you mind inboxing your address to me, so I send them directly to you and you can forward them on?

      2. That’s so nice of you! I’m going to inbox you right now! They have a lot of people who lost everything in the flood. They will appreciate the love and concern.

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