Crazy Randoms

*disclaimer…the book of cuss has been opened.

School has started and  I had to go “ham” (that’s what the young folks call it today when you go off of someone) on one of YellowJackets teachers already.

Don’t tell me one thing over the summer and when school starts, try to renege on what you said.  And to add insult to injury, begin talking about your “two philosophies about the matter.”

Your ass wasn’t talking philosophical shit over the summer, don’t switch gears now.

I love being nice and peaceful but  I swear sometimes, I just wanna dial 1-800-choke-a-hoe.

No, NavySeal is not white.  This is for the folks on the J-O-B who keep asking me ” who dat white man sitting in your car?”

And for the  woman on Facebook who told him” you know NOTHING about the BLACK COMMUNITY!”  LOL…that one still cracks me up.

41/2  months til  KING CAKE TIME!!!

I’m looking forward to turning 50 next year.

I say “no” more often and without guilt….and I LOVE IT!

Are you cooking? NO

Ma, can you bring me uptown? NO

When my dad is his normal self, he’s the sweetest man on earth.

I try to hold on to that thought when he’s doing the cupid shuffle on my last nerve.

These hot flashes and night sweats are beating me down in this southern heat.

I miss my nieces and nephews….most of them are grown now.

I’m gonna have to do a post about that.

My lil doggie Dyson is losing his hair because of the Lupus.

He’s beginning to look like a Chinese Crested-Cocker Spaniel.

I don’t care how he looks. I just want him to feel better.

Looking forward to the Mardi Gras/Superbowl mix.

I’m lining up my weekend’s off right now because I have no intentions on being on anyone’s job.

If it’s not approved, I’m exiting stage left.

That’s the one promise I made to myself…to make nursing work for me and not the other way around.

You give too much of yourself in this profession not to take advantage of its’ shortage.

The Krewe of Nyx told me that, I’m number 1819 and they only admitted 300 more females.

I won’t be getting in the krewe with that number until I’m 70.

I’m still riding in the Krewe of King Arthur though.

It’s hot  and muggy as hell in this city!!

I’m ready for football season

…and remember,



What’s going on random with you?


14 thoughts on “Crazy Randoms

  1. Dang, I was with you until you got to the end…

    A lot of random going on with me, I need to blog about it.

    Sorry you had to open your book of cuss, but sometimes it’s needed.

    I hope to make it to your town for the Mardi Gras/Superbowl mix. So many factors to consider – the main one being school.

    You must throw a big party for your 50th – give me another excuse to visit 🙂

    • Taz, my favorite Falconite, I knew you’d be like “y’all ain’t whippin on us man!” LOL. This season is surely gonna be an interesting one.
      I’m still trying to decide what to do for the 50th. I haven’t the foggiest idea what it will be but, if it’s a party..y’all know I’m throwing invites y’all way.

  2. 1-800-Choke-a-hoe! LOL! We were sitting here at my desk laughing hard at that one!

    Aww@doggie… hope he will be alright.

    Yeah, I think the Saints gonna beat up on the Falcons this year (That’s for that Tazzee!) LOL!

  3. According to The Urban Dictionary, the term “going ham” means going “hard as a motherfucker”. I honestly didn’t know that. See, sometimes The Urban Dictionary comes in handy.

    By the way, I really needed to read this, this morning:
    “I love being nice and peaceful but I swear sometimes, I just wanna dial 1-800-choke-a-hoe .” I needed a good laugh.

    I’m also glad that football season is upon us; and by the way, it’s muggy as hell here in Charleston too.

    Oh and I do so hope that your Saints do well this season. I hope that they make it all the way to The Super Bowl; and unless they’re facing my beloved Steelers, then I hope they win. Of course, if they’re facing my Steelers I hope then that they take a vicious beating.

    ……going ham!!!!!

    • Reg, I went ham on the teacher. I can’t write what I told that woman. I have a reputation to uphold 🙂
      I didn’t even know I had gone ham until these two youngsters of mine said”ma, you went straight ham on Mrs….”
      I was like “what’s ham?” ROTFLMAO!
      BTW, check your email.

      A Steelers/Saints Superbowl would be da bomb!

      • You absolutely crack me up some days BayouCreole!!!

        Next time that teacher pulls some shit like that, go ham AND eggs on her ass…………whatever that means.

        Yeah that Superbowl would be just perfect…………especially if my Steelers went home victorious!!!!

      • Reg, I’ve been told I have a wicked sense of humor so some of it was bound to hit my blog.
        Lawd you had my entire family laughing at “go ham AND eggs!” My daughter said she’s bringing that one to school today!

    • Hey NOLA DIVA!
      You’re a NOLA Diva so, you already know how we do it…lol
      I’m always lurking around your blog, I love it!
      Don’t be a stranger ’round these parts, I’d love to hear your input..especially on NOLA posts.

  4. Heya BC…Thanks so much for this post as it sure gave me a much needed smile. HAM to me = Hot Ass Mess, but I like the Urban Dictionary’s explanation; thanks Reggie.

    So digging 1-800-choke-a-hoe and it reminded me of Eddie Griffin when he said something to the effect of him being native Indian and being from the Slap-a-hoe tribe….LMAO

    Just about everything in my mind is random right now and what Xanax can’t God can and will…Pray for ya girl!

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