Throwback Thursday…Sewing Edition

My mom’s 1950’s Pink Atlas Sewing Machine…she still had thread on

This thing sure is HEAVY!

Now if I only knew how to sew…..



6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday…Sewing Edition

    • I can’t part with it Reg. My mom’s been gone 10 years now and yesterday was the first time I was able to open it up and look at it. I’ve already told my daughter if something happens to me,it’s for her. I really wish I could sew though….I could kick myself for not letting my mom teach me.

    • BluJewel, you are so right! In fact, I’ve been on youtube looking at a few videos. I really only want to learn how to do simple stuff like curtains or decorative pillows….nothing fancy. Right now, I’m trying to locate the manual for this dinosaur on the internet. I guess my mom didn’t need the manual…lol

  1. She’s so pretty and you just have to make something with/on her. It’s never late too late to learn. Go to Mimi has great tutorials and she wants to encourage people to sew.
    Some of her tutorials are free and she gives detail instructions with videos. The maxi skirt/dress tutorial would be great for you to start with just straight stitches. Good luck!

    • THANKS Seaux Paum! I’m going to begin trying a few things out. I’m going to check out Mimi’s website! Thanks for visiting!

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