Warning NOPD: Not My Sons!

The following post was written by FB friend, Atty Tracie Washington. My son has also been harassed by NOPD while walking home from the park after playing a round of basketball (walking while black.)

We ain’t standing for it Chief!


by Tracie Washington on Sunday, May 27, 2012 at 1:32pm

My friends Richard and Hilda McCline needed a couple of guys to help them move boxes from the American Can to storage.  So on Thursday, Jacob picked-up Donald (my No. 3 son) and they worked from a little after 11a until 2p.  On the way home, they stopped at the light at Carrollton and Tulane alongside a marked NOPD vehicle.  When the light changed, both cars proceeded through the intersection and, immediately thereafter the police officers turned on their sirens.  Jacob pulled over.

Jacob and Donald sat perfectly still (as they have been advised OVER AND OVER again), as they watched these officers, clad in those Black swat uniforms, jump out of their vehicle, jerk open the driver’s side and passenger car doors, and begin really gruff interrogations.

License and Registration

Where’s your I.D.?  (Jacob hands over his driver’s license.) 

Why don’t you have identification?  Donald responds that Jacob had just picked him up and because he (Donald) knew he wouldn’t be driving, he didn’t take his license.

Is this your car?  Jacob responds yes, it’s owned by my mom, but it’s my car to drive. 

What are you doing?  Jacob responds that they were doing a job for one of his mom’s friends. 

Where are you coming from? The American Can. 

What kind of job were you doing for these friends?  Jacob tells them about the McCline move to Georgia and them needing assistance with moving the boxes to storage.

You boys in school?  Yes, I attend Grinnell College.  Yes, I attend Millsaps College. (each pointing to their gym shorts with the school names and logos on them; serendipity that they were wearing their college shorts that morning)

The officers looked through the backseat of the car, walked to the back of the car and then to their patrol car, waited about 30 seconds and returned with this “warning” — Just make sure you always wear your seatbelts.

Jacob and Donald had been wearing their seatbelts the entire time!

Everyone in the City of New Orleans knows these NOPD Special Ops Jump-Out Boys spend their days harassing young black men, hoping to pull over someone, open the doors to detect drugs, and then “justify” an illegal search under the guise that they smelled marijuana. 

News Flash NOPD – You illegally stopped the wrong 19 year old.  And because you don’t know whose son you may be stopping illegally, why not just end the illegal stops.  ‘Cause see, when I’m done with these particular jokers, they will wish they had chosen a different profession.  Sarah Pallin could take lessons from this mamma-Grizzly.  Orange is not on my color wheel, but I will wear it proudly if NOPD thugs harm son.  I’m just sayin’ …..

I’m scared every time my son is home from college.  Not because of the New Orleans streets; Jacob knows how to avoid our “normal” thugs.  I’m scared because I can’t tell him to avoid the “badge-wearing” thugs, and in New Orleans they harass and kill Black men with impunity and often without repercussions.

Jacob returns to Grinnell the day after my dad, Dr. Louis X. Washington, Sr., turns 75.  I suppose I should find some comfort in the fact that my dad has survived 75 years of New Orleans.  I don’t.

I’ll sleep well again beginning August 11, 2012.

My sons: No. 1 Jacob (Grinnell); No. 3 Donald (Millsaps); No. 2 Deaunt (Stillman); No. 4 Kyle (Xavier); and No. 5 Kolin (U Southern Mississippi).




7 thoughts on “Warning NOPD: Not My Sons!

  1. Damn, I thought I was the only victim of WWB in the ‘Nawlins area.

    When I lived there about 20 years ago and my son was 2 or 3 I lived in a gated apartment complex along the North I-10 service road in Metairie. I think it was called Crossroads. In any case I used to walk through an older neighborhood to go to a Schwegmanns that was on Veterans. One day I walked to the store with my son, holding his hand when he was no more than a toddler. There were a lot of people out walking (everyone else was white) when a sheriff’s deputy pulled alongside of me and asked me for ID. I laughed at him and told him I wasn’t driving, I was walking and I didn’t need an ID to walk since this was America and not Russia. We went back and forth for awhile, I never showed him my ID. He was a young guy, I guess I surprised him by speaking intelligently to him and reminding him that he needed probable cause to even stop me. He probably thought I was a lawyer. He finally got back in his squad car and followed me to the store, waited for me to leave and then followed me back to the gates of my complex. When I got inside I flipped him off and he got out of his car, but he couldn’t come in without the key. I went on about my business, but I’ve never forgotten that; especially when a cop swears he’s either telling the truth or that he was only obeying the law. The truth is that every cop isn’t a good cop and doesn’t become a cop for the right reasons.

    The way I see it, by even stopping me he was violating my civil rights. He profiled me when I was walking with my toddler………what an asshole!!!!

    • Reg, a lot of them are assholes and make it hard for us to spot the good ones.People ask me about crime here all of the time and I tell them this,
      My biggest fear is not that my son will run into a thug on the streets it’s that he’ll run into NOPD….or JP (Jefferson Parish) officers.
      It’s a sad state of affairs when you’d rather take your chances with the streets than with the police.

    • Judy, it’s beyond bullshit. How are we to trust NOPD when they are harassing our children? And what REALLY pisses me off is, why do they always seem to go after the “preppiest-looking” kids? I mean my son ,Tracie’s son as well as the other kids in that photo (who are all Purple Knights and are now in college!) look like frigging altar boys. If they’re stereotyping, they’re piss poor at it.
      If they want to harass some folks they have some dealers around here that they know about…they can start there.

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