And All That Jazz

The hubs and I hit the Jazz Fest yesterday!

Thanks to a wonderful nurse I work with, I was able to get a two for one hook up.

Man, was I ever grateful for that because, at $65 a person to get in at the gate and $20 for parking, I don’t know if I would have been there.

I like my festivals free!

Thursday was a great day to be out there.

It was a locals day with plenty of school kids and folks who played hooky from work.

This weekend is going to be a madhouse…way too many people for me.

We were able to walk around and really take in the food and music at our leisure.

Won’t be able to do that  this weekend with wall-to-wall people.

We hit the fest when the gates opened at  11 a.m. and I walked right on to the first dish I wanted to try,

That darned Crawfish Monica!  Everyone raves about this dish at the fest so, there was no way I was gonna go there and not sample it.

This dish is soooooo goooood!

It’s slap yo’ momma good!

NavySeal had a Cuban Sandwich which was da bomb!

Made with pulled pork, ham, cheese and mustard. It was put on flat bread and grilled.


We didn’t run across any bad food dishes at all.

Some of ’em we weren’t  able to take pics of because we were just too busy grubbing.

We did get to try the infamous Crawfish Bread though and get a pic before we devoured it!

The music out there was fabulous!

There’s about 7 or 8 different stages (maybe more I don’t remember) each with their own flavor of music,

Zydeco, Brass Band, Dixieland,Gospel,etc.,

We hit them all.

Something else you won’t be able to do this weekend….

move from stage to stage with ease.

The crowd will be 3 times worse than this over the weekend. And with Maze closing out one stage and Rockin’ Dopsie closing out another it’s gonna be really hectic.

thank goodness for jumbo trons!

Acura stage

Did I mention it was a sunny 85 degrees out there?

Make sure you have your sunscreen on before you head out there.

NavySeal turns  red as a crawfish if he doens’t use it so, I always bring it with me

just in case he forgets.

NavySeal trying to keep the sweating to a minimum.

folks getting their mist on!

The thing I love most about the festivals is watching people  have a great time.

Life is just too short to be always working and worried about bills and stuff.

Get out and ENJOY YOUR LIFE!

It doesn’t always require going on a vacation.

dancing in the economy hall tent

hula hoopin’ in the humidity

can you have TOO much fun?

Life is for the living!

I even got me a Jazz Fest flag!

jazz fest flag

I’d notice them at various houses around the city and made sure I got one when I went.

We spent about 5 hours out there and then left because, my sinuses just couldn’t take the grass, pollen and smoke anymore.

Last week, I went to the doctor for my yearly celestone shot for these horrible sinuses of mine and didn’t want a relapse so we left.

Also, we had plans to go to the midnight showing of  The Avengers.

We purchased our tickets Thursday at 4 p.m. and three of the four screens were already sold out!

We got to the theatre last night at 9:30 and folks were already lined up…wow.

By 10:30, all the seats were filled except the ones right in front of the screen…wayyy in the front.

Those poor folks who thought they were early by showing up at 11:00 p.m. were miffed cuz who wants to sit in those seats?


 If you’re into Marvel Comics, you won’t be disappointed.

Just make sure you don’t leave when the credits starts rolling.

 There’s always something special after the first set of credits.

Navy Week was last week. I didn’t do a post on it but, I think I may backtrack and post one next week about it.

The Bayou Boogaloo Festival is in two weeks and The Food and Wine Experience is the week after.

I’ll be there…y’all know my mantra,

Get Busy Living!


21 thoughts on “And All That Jazz

  1. Ahh the jazz fest… My bachelorette party. What a time we had!!!

    Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures. I’ll be back one year.

    I wasn’t planning to see Avengers but with all the hype I might have to.

  2. thanks for the trip , thursday was always my favorite day i am still to sick to come home this weekend but you and the pics were the next best thing thanks

  3. Yay, thank you for sharing your Jazz Fest experience! Now I’m hungry. ;D We didn’t go this year precisely for the price reason – too ‘spensive for us looking-for-work kids! NEXT YEAR! 🙂

    We JUST got back from watching the Avengers. I want to see it again RIGHT NOW! We’re a couple of comic geeks, been following all this stuff since the start. SO awesome to see them all together finally, and it did not disappoint! Yippee!

    • Sooz, the fest will be there next year. I hadn’t been to the fest since the 80’s. For awhile, I lived down the block from the gate and I’d sit in my back yard and listen to all of the fabulous music!
      We’re going back to see the movie again next week! LOL

  4. What no rain at Jazz Fest?!? Who’d have thought?!? And $65.00 a person………….damn!!!! You might as well have gone to Disney World.

    I can’t wait to see The Avengers. I’ve been waiting for awhile to see this one…..and we all know there will be more.

    • Reg, we couldn’t believe it rain. It did become overcast but, that was appreciated because that sun was beaming something fierce! Jazz Fest prices are crazy! I hadn’t gone since 1980 something and even then, I got in free. I’m always searching for a jazz fest hook up…make it more fun somehow 🙂
      Reg, the movie is awesome! We’re going back next week to catch it on IMAX or 3D. You know there’s gonna be more.

      • I will probably catch this movie sometime this week………..or I’m gonna certainly try to.

  5. Hi bc, what a lovely post! I have only been going to the Thursdays of Jazzfest for probably 20 years now– I don’t enjoy huge crowds since it gives me claustrophobia. My favorite things are available on Thursdays, like they say, the sights and sounds, and of course the tastes. Yum! People were talking about crawfish streudel but I forgot all about it after my traditional crab sandwich. For dessert I had a big “ice cream” snowball with condensed milk topping. your photos are very appetizing and nice. thanks, sp

  6. Cuban sandwiches! I’ve never had one but I keep hearing they’re great. Lol Wow, you all have so many festivals and so much food! And crawfish bread?! I have never heard of that before but it sounds so good. 🙂

    • Val, that’s one of the reasons I can’t leave this darned city. LOL It’s a food mecca.
      The crawfish bread is really good but, the Cuban sandwich was better!

      • Val, you really would. 🙂
        People come here and go crazy over the food. My (now ex) in-laws are from Philly and when they came down, good graceous, they put away some food!
        They could not believe that so much great food could be in such a small city.
        If I could just wean myself from the food,festivals and mardi gras…I could move. LOL

  7. You know I went to see Avengers today. LOL I loved it! I still need to take your nephew to see it.

    And for anyone going to see it, make sure you stay through ALL of the credits. There are 2 extra scenes.

      • I took the boy to see it today. He enjoyed it, especially the last 1/3.

        The 2nd extra scene is a small thing but it’s funny.

    • I thought of you with every bite. I know how much you love it! That just means y’all are gonna have to come down for the fest one year.

  8. Just curious: How much did you pay for the jazzfest flag? I didn’t look for it this year, but I’ve always wanted one. Didn’t realize they still sold them (I thought they stopped selling them in 2008).

    • Hi Swamp Cat! I don’t remember the exact price that I paid. However, it couldn’t have been over $30. This is the small flag, they have one much larger than this one.

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