Well, the city provided a fun-filled weekend once again! NavySeal and I went to see The Lion King on Thursday.  My only regret is that, I waited until the end of its’ run to go.

I wanted to see it again…it was just that wonderful.

There is absolutely no way to describe the splendor of that musical. All I can say is, if it’s heading your way, go see it!!!

The auditorium was filled to capacity. I don’t think there was one empty seat.

I read somewhere that it broke the New Orleans box office record and grossed  6.5

Next time I go to a musical, I’m wearing pants…I looked cute but, I was cold.

The French Quarter Festival was this weekend. We went Friday and that was a great day to be out there.

The weather was beautiful!

The crowd was just right…not too heavy…not too light.

We started off in Jackson Square, found some shade (which was a hard thing to do) then,set out to find some tasty dishes.  All veteran festival goers know that, ya gotta have a plan. There’s just too much out there to be wandering around all willy-nilly.



Ya know ya gotta get some sort of drink while ya out there. NavySeal was drinking Abita cuz, he supports local beer…

and I had a daiquiri cuz, I’m a punk when it comes to drinking.

After listening to a few Jazz Bands play,we headed to Woldenberg Park.  I was thankful for the cool breeze blowing off of the Mississippi River.

It felt 10 degrees cooler over there.

NS found some chargilled oysters,

I had crab cakes with crawfish cream sauce,

A great time was had by all!

I heard that it was mad packed on Sunday. I’m glad I picked Friday to go.

I was happy to see a lot of tourists out there.

How do I know they were tourists?

The beads are a dead give away.

The Jazz Festival begins on the 27th…I haven’t decided what day I’ll be out there yet but, it’ll probably be Thursday.

I do love my city.

Oh, and since Tom Benson has purchased the New Orleans Hornets and everyone is trying to find a new name for the team…

a name that has a local vibe to it but, puts fear in folks at the same time…

I have the perfect name for the team.

The New Orleans FORMOSAN TERMITES!!   lol

Have a fabulous rest of the week y’all!


15 thoughts on “Fun…Fun…Fun.

  1. You and Navy Seal look very nice for your outing to the Lion King!

    Every time you post pics of the food there I get hungry! What is that rice dish above the strawberries and cream? It looks really great.

    They should name the team the “Krewe”.

    • Thanks Val! That pic came out blurry but, I’m glad you said strawberries because I told NS that, they made those crab cakes really small this year and added rice to the dish. It’s supposed to be crab cakes with a crawfish cream sauce. It was ok but, not as good as last years’. I found that a lot of dishes were like that.

    • Thanks Charlotte! I hope you feel better really soon! I had the shingles when I was 20 so, I know what you’re going through. Get your rest and recoup, the FQF will be there next year.

  2. I knew you would love The Lion King! I also want to see it again. You were wearing that dress! Blue is my favorite color.

    Lovely festival pictures. If I lived in NOLA, I would be FAT (not to be confused with PHAT, LOL). I need to figure out when I can make my annual pilgrimage this year. School is cramping my style.

    • Taz, I was sitting in there like a 2-year old…totally fascinated!
      I don’t know how I’m not big as a house as much as I eat out…thank goodness for this high metabolism or I’d be in trouble.
      NOLA will be here. Get the school stuff done…then come here and CELEBRATE! 🙂

    • Hey there dmac!
      That’s the way to do it! Come here and sample as much food as ya can! And the great thing is no matter what area of the city you’re in…you can always find great food!
      Some of the best food are in bars! 🙂

  3. You two make such a nice couple. It looks like you had another great time in that great city. I wish I had a glass of that Abita ice cold on a hot day with a couple of pounds of crawfish. I’ll bet that Abita beer is really good then.

    • Thanks Reg. We try to enjoy the city as much as humanly possible. I love crawfish but hate peeling them. Is that weird? The amount of crawfish I eat depends on the amount of folks I can get to peel a few for me…lol

      • I think that the reason why crawfish are considered healthy is because you’d have to peel a whole helluvalot of them to get fat in the first place. I guess in that regard they’re like pistachios.

        I like the taste…..especially with a beer, but I hate peeling them too.

  4. Hi bc, thanks for the great photos. we went on Sat, which was great at Jackson Square (delicious and beautiful), but we should have gone to the river like you did… we got to wandering off to the French Market and points lake-ward… too long a walk, before heading back to the red streetcar on Canal St. I’m glad you had fun. Next to Jazz Fest! sp

    • SP, Jackson Square was a great place to be. You’re right about that long walk. I wanted to head to the French Market but,my lil legs would have never made it back. Jazz Fest here I come!
      I’ll be at the Rising Tide Conference this year! Yay!!

  5. As the great Tennessee Williams noted “The United States has but three cities, New York, San Francisco and New Orleans, everything else is Cleveland.” And they ask why we rebuild HAH !!!!

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