Green Thumb

In the deep south we don’t have 4 seasons,

we pretty much have summer and “hot and muggy as hell”  for our seasons.

So, since the weather has been really nice lately (70’s-80’s), I’ve been getting my lil side yard together so I can relax and meditate…

Who am I kidding?

I’m  getting it ready for grilling and seafood boils.

I love having plants around the house and have quite the green thumb…

if I wasn’t so afraid of bugs, I’d be a horticulturist.

One of my favorite places to buy plants is Perinos in Metairie.

I love going to that place…

Perino’s flowers are always soooo beautiful!

I could hang in that place for hours!

I picked up a  few plants, potting soil and some planters.

After NavySeal and I had purchased everything we needed and began putting the plants in the car,

I turned around and saw something that, I really probably shouldn’t have,

Man, Acme was just too close to pass up!

So, we headed over and had lunch at Acme…

If I could stop eating at all of these darned restaurants, I’d  be able to save more money for carnival throws.

Oh well, Imma have to throw light because, I seem to be addicted to this food.

Acme was already moving at full steam and they had only been open 30 minutes,

 A slew of folks walked in right behind us.

At least I’m not the only person addicted to this food.

I’m in good company.

Navy Seal had the Eryster Loaf.

I don’t eat erysters but that sandwich looked damned good…even with nothing on it!

I had a shrimp po-boy “dressed”,

that means with, lettuce, tomato,pickles and mayonnaise for non- NOLA folks.

After we were stuffed and ready for a food coma,

we headed home and worked on my lil garden area.

I must say, it came out nice.

I still have a few more plants to pot but, I like how it’s turning out.

This is my favorite time of the year to sit outside and enjoy the weather.

The hubby and I will usually  sit here in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee together…

listen to the soothing sounds of the water fountain

and watch for butterflies.

Then at night, we’ll grab two chairs,a bottle of wine  and sit in the mini courtyard,

trying to hide from the kids. 

to kick back and relax.

I have to sit in the courtyard because, even though I’m from New Orleans…

I can’t handle more than one drink.

You know the expression,” if ya can’t hang with the big dogs, stay on the porch”…

well, I can’t even hang with the ones on the porch so,

I sit in the courtyard!  LOL

That’s ok…I’m doing me.

Still lovin’ life,

Big Easy Style!


19 thoughts on “Green Thumb

  1. You know, that’s exactly what I would have ordered too, a shrimp poboy dressed!!!!

    Damn that looks good. If I was any hungrier I’d have to fight you for it.

    • Reg, it would be on like donkey kong behind that sammich!! LOL
      So Reg, do you also add hot sauce to it?
      I can’t eat it unless it has pepper, hot sauce (or tabasco) AND ketchup!

      • Tabasco, gotta have some Tabasco.

        A couple of months back I was in a specialty store and I bought some hot sauce called “Fire in the hole”. Boy was that hot going in and hot coming out!!!!

      • See Reg, you’re like me…gotta have Tabasco! Fire in the hole must be some serious hot sauce! If it burned going in and coming out, they gave it the right name!LOL

    • Thanks Charlotte!
      I never could handle more than one. I guess I’m gonna be up on those floats all sober and stuff…will probably be the only sober person up there. 🙂

  2. Hi bc, this is a great combination… Perino’s and Acme!! We have done those together many Saturdays. Preferably Acme first, so delicious! I have not done much so far this spring about gardening, but I need to buy my morning glory and moonflower seeds and plant that patch. this is a terrific post, see you out by Veterans! have fun, & thanks, sp

    • Thanks SP!
      I love morning glories! My neighbors planted some and they grow all over on my side of the fence. I can’t complain about them growing on my side because, I got beautiful flowers for free! 🙂

  3. I’d LOVE to have a courtyard! They can be so cozy! Oh my just the thought of it makes me happy. 🙂

    You have such great food down there. The food here on the West Coast is so bland. When I lived in the South I used to eat ribs all the time. I used to eat salt boiled peanuts! And Scrapple! I love Scrapple but I’ve never seen it here. Scrapple and eggs and grits was my favorite breakfast. Oh and catfish!

    Okay, I have to stop, I’m torturing myself. Lol

    • Val, when I lived in San Diego, I went through SERIOUS culture shock with the food. Ugh, it was awfully bland.

  4. I wish I had a green thumb. I love flowers but I just don’t have the patience. And I don’t like dirt. Oh well. We need an Acme up here, for real!

    • Chele, I had to start out with plants that wouldn’t die no matter how horrible I treated them before I got the hang of gardening. And Acme is the DEAL!

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