Mardi Gras Madness Saga Continues

Well, I didn’t get rained on for Endymion.


They rolled and the weather held up which was great.

NavySeal wasn’t too particular about going out there but,

once he saw that I was heading out of the house,

there was no way he was letting me go out there by myself.

After he got out there he had a great time,

even though he did get pelted in the eye with a pair of beads.

I kissed it and made it all better…he’s alright now.

The crowd was really thin  for an Endymion parade.

They usually have crowds 10 or more people deep.

Last night, they may have been 2 deep…super thin for a super krewe

but at least they rolled.

Most of the bands pulled out of the parade because of the weather but, that was to be expected.

The only bands there from the surrounding area were,

Warren Easton,St. Mary’s Academy and St. Paul( from across the lake.)

Here’s some pics of my favorite throws from last night,

I LOVE my beads with the mask on it! One of the riders on the float spotted me and handed me those roses…such a sweetie rider!  The young kids out there were trying to get me to give them my light saber…nah, kiddies…that’s mine!

ya GETS nothing from me that’s really pretty or lights up! LOL

Oh, I almost forgot some riders were handing out t-shirts,

Ya know ya favorite Bayoucreole chick was gonna get one of them bad boys!

In carnival terms, that’s called being a “hustler.”

I’m a hustler baaaabyy and I want you to know….

Today is gonna be a long day with 5 0r 6 parades uptown,

NOMTOC, Okeanos, MidCity,Thoth and Bacchus (the super krewe.)

NavySeal and I are heading out at 6:45 a.m. and trying to get under the bridge again this year.

YellowJacket is with her dad.

He has a slew of relatives in town.

YellowJacket’s older brothers are in their 30’s  and, she been an auntie since she was around 10.

So, she’s over there with her nieces and nephews having a wonderful time…I think they’re all heading out to the parades today as well.

PurpleKnight will be home today as well as my dad who will probably end up hibernating in his room today…chillaxing.

Let the good times continue to roll, or as we say down here,

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!


6 thoughts on “Mardi Gras Madness Saga Continues

  1. My BFF went to Mardi Gras in Mobile with another friend. She said they were chucking (not tossing) all kinds of stuff at people (moon pies, ramen noodles, boxes of twinkies). I’d prefer your stash, LOL

    • OMG! Taz, when those floats try to toss that kinda stuff at us, we toss BEADS at them! LOL
      We don’t want that…we want beads, cups and stuffed animals…we’re cheeky like that! 🙂

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