I Spy With My Little Eye

One of the things I love most about my city is,

you could be  home trying to take a nap before you go to the parades (like moi)

and all of a sudden you hear a brass band playing in your neighborhood.

Naturally, I got up to see what the goings on was all about.

So, I opened my front door and lo and behold,


Well, once I saw they were by the school, I got right on over there!

They were there  having a mini carnival celebration with the kids,

how wonderful is that?!

Those babies were so excited to see the Indians,

I don’t blame them.

They always look so pretty.

Even though the blue one wasn’t in full dress, he still was pretty!

They danced  around the yard with the kids while  they threw beads to one another.

The Brass Band played and rocked the house while everyone second-lined,

The staff and the children all had a wonderful time.

NOLA fun and passing the culture along…


I uploaded my first video…y’all are ruining me!


Now, I’m off to the parades.

I hope it doesn’t rain.


14 thoughts on “I Spy With My Little Eye

  1. Wow, that’s so cool. I saw the first season of Treme and I was really interested in the “Indian” storyline with Clarke Peters. I hope you’ll do a post about the “Indian” culture one day. I’d love to know more about it.

    Have fun!! 🙂

    • Val, I did a post a few years ago about the Indians. Go into the Mardi Gras category to the right of the screen and scroll until you see the title “The Mardi Gras You Don’t See…The Indians”

  2. People in New Orleans are so passionate about Mardi Gras, that’s why it’s so successful.

    The history, the pageantry……..it’s so important to what New Orleans is and stands for.

    • Yes, it is. Even during the years I didn’t go out for Mardi Gras, I’d still watch it on television. The older I get, the more I love it.

  3. Hi there! Happy Mardi Gras! Workin’ REALLY hard to move to New Orleans this year – hopefully I’ll be back in the fold in time for next year’s fun. In the meantime, will give it my best out here in Denver!

    Love your blog – I found it recently in my internet roamings, it’s great.

    Have a wonderfully fun weekend!
    Sincerely, Sooz

    • Hi Sooz! Happy Mardi Gras! I love your blog and I’m glad that you found mine. I love to put posts up about carnival and all of the festivals we attend. I enjoy NOLA as much as possible..can’t wait until you arrive and begin blogging about all of your experiences here in the Big Easy!

  4. I waited until today so I could read all your Mardis Gras posts at one time. I love these pics. It’s awesome you got a surprise parade.

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