Mardi Gras and Mamavation

Happy Mardi Gras!

Yep, it’s that time of the year!

The city is decked out in its finest purple, gold and green gear,

seems like more folks are decorating for carnival this year.

The barricades are up and ready to go,

and pretty soon folks will be staking their spot on the neutral grounds around the city.

NavySeal and I have our tickets for the grandstand seating once again…our third year there.  They made the tickets all fancy this year and we couldn’t print them at home . They mailed them to us.

I think they had a problem with the tickets last year…folks were making copies and selling them.

I think we’re gonna just make it our official Mardi Gras day spot.  We did move to the other side of the street  though. It seems that, the international club sits by us every year so, I picked the smallest section across the street to avoid them. It’s just way too crowded  in the stands by Lafayette Square.

This spot looked empty last year so, I’m hoping for the same sort of luck this go’ round. LOL

I love driving around the city and watching the all of the viewing stands go up.

Mardi Gras is my favorite time of the year.

There’s a different energy in the city during this festive season.

No, it’s not all of that showing tits and stuff we keep getting tagged with.

That stuff is in the French Quarters.

On the parade routes it’s family, friends and fun.

Grandstand seating in New Orleans

A Viewing Stand in St. Bernard Parish

Viewing Stands in Jefferson Parish (Veterans Blvd)

Family and friends start making arrangements and coordinating where they’re going to be for certain parades (and who is gonna do the grilling on carnival day.)

Truck floats come out of their barns and are in front of my neighbor’s home again  being prepped for the big day.

All of the  kids are excited because, either they’re marching or someone they know is and they can’t wait to see them on the streets.

The high school bands are ready to battle it out  and the usual debate of “who is the better band” begins tonight with St. Aug and Walker marching in Cleopatra on the Westbank.

Speaking of which, WWL (channel 4) has a GPS device traveling with the Marching 100.

So, if you wanna know where the parade and/or St. Aug is located on the route, they will have that info.

Here’s the list of the parades the Marching 100 are in,

Also, USA Today is in town doing a special on St. Aug  and the Marching 100 so, be on the lookout for that (that’s all mainly for my Purple Knights over here.)

The parade cam is up and will begin running today with Krewe of Oshun.  Here’s the link.  

This is a great way for folks out-of-town to see the parades.  I usually catch them on the parade cam if I have to work on weekends.

I have to work this weekend so, I’ll be watching.

I’ll be doing my usual carnival blogging and will be out there for all of the big parades next weekend.

Don’t think I’ll catch any Indians on carnival day.

I’m gonna wait for St. Joseph’s Day and catch them on Super Sunday…March 18th.

Here’s the link for anyone wanting to know where they’ll be on that day.

Let the fun begin..and let’s be safe out there!

Last but not least, THANK YOU! THANK YOU to everyone who voted for my SIL and helped her with the Mamavation competition.







10 thoughts on “Mardi Gras and Mamavation

  1. Thanks again for my personal Mardi Gras! I’m coming one year. I think I’ll add that to my graduation celebration, so I’ll make plans for 2014.

    Congrats to your sister in law, that’s awesome!

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