Dog Day Afternoon

This has been a tough time for the hubby and I. Our lil doggie, Dyson has been very sick so, we’ve been busy with him.

It seems that, he may have Lupus.

We know for sure he has Thrombocytopenia ( a fancy term for having a low platelet count.)

One day last week, he went to do his business and what was supposed to be urine was nothing but blood….pure blood. Then, NS just happened to look at his eyes and his right eye was blood-shot red.

We brought him to the vet and they did some lab work on him.

We found out is that his platelet count was extremely low and that’s why he’s bleeding.

It’s supposed to be 200,000.

His was 49,000.

We were told that, it was a good thing we brought him in because, if it had gone down to 30,000

he would have been bleeding  from everywhere.

He’s on medication to bring his platelet count up and has to visit the vet every week to make sure it’s rising.

The vet thinks he may have Lupus because, in addition to the low platelet count, he has had seizures and his hair has been thinning.

He can’t go outside to play because, we can’t risk him having an accident.

The hubby and I don’t sleep soundly at night because, we’re constantly getting up to make sure he’s ok.

Dyson will be 6 years old this year,

he’s been with us since he was 6 weeks old.

It’s no secret that, we love our doggies.

They are a part of our family.

I just hope he gets well really soon.





15 thoughts on “Dog Day Afternoon

  1. I’m so very sorry to hear that you are experiencing a family illness. Hopefully he’ll be back on his paws soon enough; sniffing fire hydrants, chasing cars and cats, drinking out of the toilet and sniffing crotches.

    Hopefully the lil dude will get well soon.

  2. Thanks a bunch Lee! The platelet are up but, his red blood cells dropped. He’s still in great spirits and eating everything up so,that’s a good thing.

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