A Begging Bayoucreole

Ok y’all I’m using my lil ole’ blog right now trying to help someone achieve a dream of hers.

I’m trying to help my wonderfully fabulous sister-in-law win a contest and I need y’all help.

It’s sooooo simple, all ya have  do is go to this link and click on the  video for Andrea Emilien….it’s the 3rd video.

Andrea’s active with a weight loss community called Mamavation.  Every couple of months, Moms campaign to be a Mamavation Mom.  These ladies go through a 7 week book camp and receive a ton of support from different professionals along the way.  They receive an individualized nutrition and fitness plan.  In addition, they also make their successes and trials public for the community to follow.

My sister-in-law is a finalist but, she needs the votes to ring in so she can win.

I’m lending a hand.

I want her to win.

I want her to achieve her dream.

Andrea’s one of those people who have a beautiful soul,

she’s full of positive energy.

Fantastic mom, fun to be around, adores her husband (my brother, my oldest son..lol)

she’s loyal to her family and friends.

She’s kind to strangers.

I dig that chick!

She struggles with her weight like a lot of folks do and this is the chance of a lifetime for her.

Her chance to receive professional help and tons of support in her weight loss journey.

I’m all for people reaching  their goals.

No dream killers hanging around the Bayou.

Don’t allow none to hang around the Bayou either.

Life is too short for negativity.

Watching someone realize their dream fuels my spirit,

it brings me joy.

So, let’s all help Andrea win this darned competition!

I wish I could vote more than once, she’d STOMP those chickenheads if I could.

They only allow one vote though.

Here’s the link  again!

I know I can count on y’all to help me, help her!

Cuz only folks with good energy hang on the Bayou.

Thanks for your support!!

*cue music

fi yoooo(fire) on the bayou, fi yoooo on the bayou….

* Bayoucreole grabs a bandana, waves it in the air and

second lines backwards.


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