Semi-Wordless Wednesday







12 thoughts on “Semi-Wordless Wednesday

      • It was! I screamed and jumped up and down and did my little touchdown dance. My nearest neighbor called 911 for an ambulance. He thought I was having an attack. I don’t know what kind of an attack, but an attack, nevertheless. I should be a little offended. I happen to be a good touchdown dancer. Fat men can move, you know!

      • You have a touchdown dance too?! I started dancing like crazy!
        I love those moments when it feels like the entire state is rejoicing at the same time.
        WHO DAT!

  1. Yeah although I am a certified, bonified and qualified Steelers fan, I’ve still got love for your Saints.

    I was happy to see Drew Brees and the boys come through Monday night. Not only that, I can’t think of anyone else I’d want to have Dan Marino’s alltime record….other than Drew. He’s a great leader and the Saints will be good for some time because of his presence.

    Now those LSU Tigers………I hope those bastards lose next week.

    Roll Tide!!!!

    • Reg, you made me spit out my drink laughing at your crazy ass! LOL
      You know those Tigers gonna roll over Bama!
      Lawd, it just dawned on me…the game is here and between those LSU fans and Bama fans…it’s gonna be super crazy in the French Quarters that weekend.

      • Reg I gotta confess that, I’m not really a LSU fan but, this year I’m pulling for them.
        The “Honey Badger” graduated with my son from St. Aug and I know his mom so, I’m pulling for him and Jordan Jefferson.
        It’s gonna be one helluva game!

    • No SP, it doesn’t. All those nuts talking about the Saints ran up the score so Drew could break the record are ninnies. This is the frigging NFL not the pee-wee league. You don’t want the Saints to make anymore touchdowns get your defense to stop them!
      Isn’t that what they get paid MILLIONS of dollars to do? Hmmmmmmm
      Drew was gonna break that record anyway. They’re just pissed he did it,
      at home,
      against our rival team,
      on a touchdown pass,
      while clinching the NFC South title,
      on Monday Night Football,
      in front of the entire nation.
      That’s all…lol

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