Pieces of Me…Quick Randoms

Now that turkey day is behind me, it’s time to get back to my personal challenge.  Here are a few quick randoms about yours truly.  I don’t think I’ve put these out before. I gotta start organizing these posts better….note to self.

1.  As a kid,I suffered with spontaneous nosebleeds.

It started when I was 2 years old.  I used to pray that it would end  because, I didn’t want people to see my nose bleeding and  think I snorted cocaine.  It stopped when I was 18 and I was so happy but,

my kids inherited the same condition.

2. I type  about 90 words per minute.

When I was in high school, I wanted to become a court reporter so, I took typing.

After high school, I went to Delgado College and entered the secretarial studies program.  I didn’t become a court reporter but, I’m glad I went through the program.  I was able to land more than a few jobs because of my skills AND…it makes keyboarding a breeze!

3. When I was 13, my mom sent me to Barbizon School of Modeling.

No, not because she wanted me to become a model.

It was because, I was such a darned tomboy that, she wanted me to learn some girly-girl stuff.

When you have a daughter that can scale a fence faster than the boys,shoot some mean marbles and throw a  spiral football…it’s time to introduce some girly-girl stuff.

4.  Around the house, NavySeal calls me “buns.”

Even though I’m petite, I got junk in the trunk.   I remember when I was young my mom would  tell me, “girl, look at yourrr BUTT!”   As if I could actually turn my head to look at it…jeez.

I recently had someone yell,  “say lil Shawty,you got a nice booty yeah” at me ….who does that?  I guess he does.

5.  My son and I have dance offs.

He and I compete against one another flexing and stuff. It’s time for me to pass the torch.   I ain’t hanging up my dancing shoes, I just can’t flex and pop lock  like I used to *sigh*…he wins.  For those who don’t know what flexing and popping is..



6.  I can dance really, really…really well.  I seem to be having trouble with the Dougie though… I must be getting old.

7 . My daughter and I have girls night. I spend the night in her room and she’ll we’ll stay up all night talking about her favorite subject,


8. I  can  sit on the floor in a “W.” In fact, that’s what they call it… “w-sitting.”  Here’s the position,

It really gets under my skin that,everyone is talking  about  how to fix the problem of w-sitting.

I remember when everyone wanted to “fix”  us lefties too.  Trying to force us to use our right hand when we were born to be lefties.

I’ve been w-sitting since I  could sit upright and I’ll be 49  in a few months.

I ran track ( cross-country and sprint), was on a gymnastics team and had vaginal births for both of my kids without needing one stitch afterwards.

With Yellow Jacket, I dilated from 2 to 10 centimeters  in 40 minutes!

Nothing was ever wrong with my legs or my pelvic area. Leave those babies alone…it’s comfortable sitting like that.

I was the odd ball in the family….only girl, only lefty, only one with spontaneous nosebleeds, only one to sit in the  “w” shape.

I’m so glad my parents  just let me be me.


21 thoughts on “Pieces of Me…Quick Randoms

  1. LMAO @ you W sitting. I used to sit indian style then “walk” on my knees with my legs crossed. I also used to love to put my legs behind my neck like a pretzel…you make me wanna go home and see if I can still do it..but I really don’t wanna make the news LMAO. Come back later cause I got some more comments.

    • Newy, you see how crazy I am taking that pic! I had to show you guys that, I could actually sit like that.
      You must be double-jointed if you could do all that!

  2. Wow! That’s a lot to take in…

    I remember taking Typing in high school. Now I can’t remember the last time I’ve even seen a typewriter.

    My sister was visiting over the weekend and said to me, “What is up with your butt?” I laughed and told her that’s what happens when you run as much as I do. High and tight!

    I can’t do the dougie either but my son did teach me how to do the “cat daddy”.

    That w-sitting is ca-razy! I think my daughter can do it too. I can’t remember if I had stitches when I had my kids but I do remember that I delivered them both without drugs.

    • Hey Chele!
      I still have my typewriter!! I can’t seem to part with it. Running does make the” boo-tay” high and tight! LOL
      My kids laugh at me when I do the “cat daddy”…they say I look like somebody rolling a wheelchair BACKWARDS!

      I can’t sit on the floor unless I sit in that position. I know, it’s crazy huh? But, it’s sooooo comfy!

  3. I loved this! My middle daughter has nose bleeds like that. She had one this morning. THAT’s a great way to wake up…MOMMA I’M BLEEDING!!!! lol

    I type just as fast if not faster, AND I went to modeling school lol
    Great post!

    • Hey Adrienne!!
      Chick,I’m always lurking around your blog…I love it!
      You got a bleeder?! Keep plenty of ice on hand!
      Did you have to go to modeling school to knock some girly-girl in ya like I did? I really learned a lot so, I can’t complain. If you type that fast, you must have gone through some typing courses. I hated those courses but, I’m glad I stuck with it.

  4. Both the kids can sit in the W too. They do it all of the time so it must be comfortable. 🙂

    And Oracle has the nosebleed thing too. It was bad when we first moved here – crazy clean air and all that I guess. lol

    • I heard his nose bleeds now. That’s weird because, growing up it never did.
      I thought the kids could sit like that and isn’t Moo a lefty?…she’s JUST like her T-Ali! I think lil Des used to have the nosebleeds. I know Brian did. It’s in the family genetics somewhere because, I grew up with it and a lot of our kids have the condition.

  5. I’m a lefty.

    The nosebleed thing is scary. I could have never been a doctor, I hate the sight of blood. I irritates me to no end when I cut myself when I’m shaving……particularly when it’s my balls.

    Buns…….that’s hilarious!!!!

    • That’s wonderful Reg! Did they try to “fix” you in school? They tried that with me…my mom told them to leave me the heck alone. The nosebleed thing was REALLY scary…especially for me because, it wouldn’t stop a lot of times. I remember one Christmas Eve, my mom was cooking for the holidays and my nose started. We did the usual applying ice but, I had soaked a bath towel with blood so, they brought me to the hospital. They had to cauterize inside of my nose to get it to stop…it actually wasn’t so bad. It just stung a little.
      Uhhh Reg, why are shaving around there? Y’all do that? I had no idea…how’d I miss that?!
      Yeah, he calls me Buns. LOL

  6. I had nosebleeds as a child too. I think they stopped by the time I was 10. Having them was really annoying!

    I also ran track. I ran the 400 and I hated every second of it. The 400 is torture. Lol Now I’m a huge track fan.

    • Hey Valentina!!
      Wow, there are a lot of folks with this condition. I hated that stuff. It would wake me up from a sound sleep and then we’d have to look at the clock because, if I kept bleeding too long, it meant a trip to the hospital.
      I ran the 400 ONCE! You’re right…that thing is torture! I’d rather run cross-country than the 400!
      I’m a huge track fan as well. I always go out and watch the track meets at City Park. I love that time of the year. Imma have to post some of those track meets!

  7. I was never able to get up past typing 45 words per minute. The world record is 215 words per minute. I won’t be going for that one!

    Let us not even talk about w-sitting. Not gonna try it. Might get stuck that way.

    • Lee, 45 wpm is really good! Lee, you don’t want to try the w-sitting thing unless you’ve been sitting like that since you were a baby. LOL
      I do wonder how old I’ll be before I can’t get down there anymore…that’s gonna be a sad day.

  8. W-SITTER! Can you go from a w-sit to sliding your legs all the way until they are straight in front of you and then back to a w-sdit?

    • Yep, sure can! Can also w-sit and then get off the floor without using my hands. Did I mention I’m 48 years old…lol I’ve been sitting like that for so long, it’s like breathing.

      • Wow! You should make a video of all of the w-sit things you can do. BTW, how long can you w-sit in the same place/position without moving or getting up?

  9. It is so awesome that you are 48 and can still w-sit. I’m 36 and I have been w-sitting all my life. I have been w-sitting ever since I was 6 years old. It’s so comfortable that I have sat this way every single day. I can w-sit for hours. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t w-sit. Sitting any other way brings great discomfort to my legs. Even sitting in a chair is uncomfortable. When I’m sitting in a booth at a restaurant I have to w-sit so my leg’s don’t ache. I am glad my parents never told me w-sitting was bad for me or tried to fix my sitting. I am incredibly happy and comfortable when I get to w-sit. W-sitting has been a wonderful part of my life and I am so glad I started sitting this way as a child. I am so glad I got to experience the joy of w-sitting. I think w-sitting is the greatest way to sit. Since I grew out of my teanage years and became an adult I have never sat any other way but w-sitting. In fact I have religiously have been w-sitting every day out of pure enjoyment of w-sitting.

    • Hi Stephen!
      I know exactly how you feel. I can’t sit on the floor any other way. I don’t know why some folks are trying to” fix” those babies. W-sitting is simply natural for some people….like us 🙂

  10. Hey bayoucreole, I found a way to get more enjoyment out of w-sitting. I took a coffee table and converted it to a desk. It’s low to the floor so I can sit up to it without using a chair. And guess what? When I w-sit up to the table it is at a perfect hight for me to work at my computer. So I get to work on my computer and w-sit for hours. After 4 or 5 hours of time has gone by I don’t even realize the time has passed because I was w-sitting the entire time in complete comfort while working on my computer. This makes working so much better. Being able to work while w-sitting up to my makeshift desk. Now it is more of a joy to sit up to my desk and work on my computer. It’s funny that when I used to sit in a chair up to my old desk, I would every now and then have to get up and stretch my muscles because they would get achey from sitting in a chair a long time. But When I w-sit up to my new desk made from a coffee table, I never have to get up and stretch ever. My muscles never get achey and I am in complete comfort and relaxation while working at my computer for hours at a time. The only thing I dislike about this is that when I am done and going on to something else somewhere else, I have to get up and leave my oh so comfy position which stinks because I wish I could just w-sit forever. It is such a joy to w-sit. There is nothing else like it. I should fix my dinner table the same way so I can w-sit while eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I don’t even have a couch in my house. When I watch TV or read a book in my living room I w-sit on a mat. W-sitting is the comfiest way to do practically anything!

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