Pieces of Me…Faces of Ali

In an effort to open up more on my blog, I’ve decided to blog for 5 days telling you all  a lil more about ole’ Bayoucreole.

Yeah, I’m a wuss when it comes to opening up. Ya gotta remember that, I was raised in a house full of males and they really weren’t into that sort of stuff.

Because, I’m such a wuss, I”m gonna start out with some easy stuff….lol

That’s me at 5 years old.

My hair was such a weird color. A sandy/brownish color and I hated it. I was happy when it turned dark brown.  I’ve been accused of wearing colored contacts but, as you all can see…that’s my eye color.

I can’t see shit but, they sure are pretty.

I loved that dress…my favorite older cousin, Audrey, bought it for me. Seeing that dress still makes me smile.

 Here I am at 6 years old and I just love this picture!

One earring, one plait hanging down and no front teefs.  I put my tongue there to fill the space. I look so happy and I was. I’ll never forget that day. My mom was fixing my hair in the kitchen and her water broke. I was excited because, I was getting ready to get myself a little sister!

That’s what I wanted anyway.

Y’all know how that turned out.

This is where my love for animals began…especially dogs. Just click on the pic for a better view.

My geeky years…lol  I must be 9 on this pic because, those are my first pair of glasses. This is when I learned how to crochet.  For some reason, I love to crochet when I’m stressed. ..I guess because it’s so relaxing to me. I haven’t done it in a while so, I guess that’s a good thing.

Me with two of my younger brothers. Don’t remember the age but, I know I was in elementary school. We were heading to our school play in this pic…my mom always made our costumes for us.  The reason I’m such an excellent public speaker is because she always forced encouraged us to be in every school and church play.

Thanks mom.

That’s me with Oracle. I’m 13 on this one and YES, those plaid Toughskins WERE the style back then!

Not too sure about the fact that they were “ankle wipers” though…lol

Bayoucreole getting ready for her confirmation.

In my early 20’s  with my sisters-in-law.  Why we’re standing like Robert Palmer girls, I don’t know.  Around this stage of my life, people used to tease me and call me Prince because of my eyes.

Here I am about 6 months pregnant with PurpleKnight.  My mom’s pointing at my stomach…she was BEYOND excited that I was having a baby.

Her exact statement was,” with those boys, even if the baby looks just like them, you still could be wrong but,

when your daughter is pregnant, you  KNOW IT’S YOUR GRANDBABY!!”

That woman was a mess! LOL

I had no stomach at all so, I had to pull my shirt back to show my baby bump.  Life has a funny way of giving you what you wish for because, I didn’t have to worry about that the next time I was pregnant…

I was HUGE when I was pregnant with YellowJacket! People would look at me and say, “gotDAMN!” lol

If it looks as if I”m holding onto  the baby bed for balance it’s because…I was.

Moi at 38 years old.  I loved that haircut.

Same day, outside shot.   Not too shabby considering how huge I was with YellowJacket.

I gotta thank my mom for giving me those good “birthing genes.”

She was pregnant 9 times and never kept any weight…thanks again mom.

I was gonna put a current pic up but, I don’t have any stored in this computer.

Y’all know how I look now anyway.

I gotta get in this kitchen and start prepping all of this Thanksgiving food.

I’ll put another post out tomorrow.



10 thoughts on “Pieces of Me…Faces of Ali

  1. Ali! Absolutely LOOOVED this! Love the pics. I almost cried girl, it felt like I have been there with you!
    THANKS FOR SHARING — hugs ::)

  2. I’ve been coming to your blog for awhile now; but this is by far my favorite post. I really enjoyed the insightful look into your life. I’ve always thought that these types of posts are by far the most interesting.

    Very nice, very nice indeed!!!

  3. Ali, I really like this post! I remember those school plays at Coghill. You really brought back some memories with this one. Tell Des hello for me.

    • Thanks Newy. You’re right about taking it one day at a time. Sometimes, it will be one second at a time. Do whatever you have to do to get through it. There are no rules when it comes to grieving.
      You have a safe and happy turkey day!

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