Handicap Harassment…Who Knew?

The other day, NS and I went to Cafe du Monde for some beignets.

We parked in the handicap parking spot.

When we pulled up, there was a lady getting out of her car right next to us.

When she got out of her car, she didn’t walk to the front of  her car towards Cafe du Monde,

she walked to the rear and looked over at mine to see if I had a handicap license plate.


Boy, people sure don’t like it when you pull up in one of those handicap spots unless, you’re getting out the car with a wooden leg and a kick stand!

Before I received the plate, I used to have one of the hang tags that hang from the rear view mirror.

I’d hang it up after I moved into the parking space because, if you just leave it hanging, the heat will crack it.

You would not believe how many people would see us pulling in a parking spot and yell, “YOU AIN’T HANDICAPPED!” without so much as seeing if I had legs.

Call it my crazy NOLA sense of humor but, I think that shit is so funny every time it happens.

Well, there was this one time…..

I don’t think it’s their loyalty toward the handicapped that makes them go into a tangent.

I think they’re pissed off because they can’t park there.

Really close…

by the door.

In fact, I know it.

When NS had his surgery, he had a soft cast and was walking with crutches.

Even then, when we got out of the car

…the comments were still being made.

How the hell you see a man with a soft cast on, walking with crutches

and ya still yelling about someone being  not handicapped?

This one woman was going in on him.

NS has the patience of Job, he just let her rant.

I got tired of her though and went in for the kill and shut her down.

I mean damn! The man has a cast AND crutches!

It’s worse around Christmas time when everyone’s out shopping, looking for parking spaces…goodness!

I know some people park in the handicap spot and they don’t have a tag or anything but,

I have THEE handicap license plate on my car…not the hang tag.

and I’m still getting harassed by folks.

Although not as much since I have the plate.

I guess it’s more legal to them somehow…lol

Hating on the handicapped…who knew?


10 thoughts on “Handicap Harassment…Who Knew?

  1. This is kind of funny. I wish I could have heard you go off on that lady. I have been harassed for using the handicapped stall in the bathroom before. I was younger without much sense so you can imagine my response.

    • Yeah Tazzee, what’s up with that one because, if there’s a line and that one’s open…I’m heading straight for it! That one doesn’t make sense to me. All of us chickenheads in line, jiggling like a bunch of nuts and we’re all gonna just stare at an empty stall…NOT!

  2. LOL… you know u like to go in on folks. I saw that coming. You have gangster DNA. Dont bother u one bit to check a fool.

    I have a handicap hang tag. I’ve qualified for one for awhile, but I refused to get it. That is until I had an inflammation problem with my foot and it hurt to walk far, to the point where I just wouldn’t go into the store if I had to park far away. Hurt too bad to walk. So I got one.

    I can’t imagine being harrassed like that. That must be a new orleans thing. Having lived there for a couple of years, uh… I can definitely see it happening. That would scare me into parking elsewhere! lol

    • Lee, you so crazy! LOL…I think the gangsta DNA comes from having all of these darned brothers.
      At least, that’s what I’m gonna blame it on anyway 🙂
      You know that’s a thought about it being a NOLA thing because, the entire time we were “exiled, no one ever said anything about the tag. Even in Baton Rouge, no one ever said anything.
      But NEW ORLEANS?…man oh man!

  3. I think this is more harassment of the suspected sneaky non-handicapped! You tickle me, I was reading this out loud. Especially liked the phrase, “with your nosey butt”! sp

    • SP, I got the plate! You can’t be sneaky with the plate! If I’m driving a car with a handicap plate, I’m parking in that spot! LOL

      • I mean, I think people are suspicious of a cute young family member who might use a car with the handicapped plate, even though they themselves don’t actually have any challenge walking, just somebody else in the family does, who is back at home. So you can take that nosey suspicion as a compliment, they must think you are too young and cute to have any trouble hiking a few blocks! sp

  4. SP, I would buy that argument except the lady was harry-assing NS and he had a cast and crutches. Anytime you see someone getting into a car with crutches and a cast and you’re still complaining about them parking in a handicap spot…you just want to park there ya damned self. I told NS the next time someone says something I swear, I’m gonna do a cartwheel right there in the parking lot just to really make ’em mad.
    I would do a split but, these bones don’t stretch like they use to:)


    My wife, not exactly politically correct herself calls those “crip spaces”. She swears they get all the good spaces and that she needs to go online and print herself out one of those “crip free” passes so that she can get a decent parking space.

    Me, I don’t mind walking. I think it’s good for the soul and it keeps us fit.

    Now as far as that lady was concerned………she was a bitch.

    • Reg, I gotta park in those spaces…they’re the good ones! You get ample enough room…no one’s dinging your car door up and stuff!
      Yeah, the lady was a bitch. I think she was po’d because she didn’t have a hang tag.

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