Ya shuck’em and ya slurp ’em

I know it’s hot as hell out here and all but, if you can stand the heat and want something to do,

the Erster (Oysters to folks not from the area) Festival is this weekend in the French Quarters.

I don’t eat them but, NavySeal and PurpleKnight can go through a bunch of ’em so, we’re heading out.

I’ll find something to eat out there that’s for sure.

The music lineup  is great with,  Treme Brass Band, Irma Thomas, and Rockin Dopsie all scheduled to appear this weekend.

Another weekend of food and fun…go grab some y’all!



8 thoughts on “Ya shuck’em and ya slurp ’em

  1. I’ll eat them occasionally myself. Not too often, but occasionally I’ll suck a few down.

    Personally, I’d prefer fried shrimp. Oysters just aren’t the first thing I’d grab……..ya know?!?

  2. I love fried oysters, like they have at Mandinas, Russells, Deanies, and Acme (Veterans), and I get a craving for them. I hope you are having a great time out there, but it’s a little too hot for us today. We got lucky this year with the great weather for French Quarter Festival and even JazzFest, but as soon as the Greek Festival is scheduled, the temps go way up. Do you get shrimp at the oyster festival? sp

    • Damn Susanna, I haven’t eaten in any of those places in 15 years or more.

      I miss Nawlins.

      Ya know, you really can’t get decent Cajun or Creole cuisine outside of Louisiana.

      • Reg, (((hugs with a seafood combo plate for you.)))

        I remember when I was living in San Diego, my SIL and I spotted a restaurant that said,”New Orleans Style Cuisine” we ran in there so fast we almost tripped on each other…lol
        Got in there and guess what they had…
        Bologna po-boys(who does that?) and they used Pinto Beans for Red Beans!
        Also, the po-boys were on hoagies…not french bread. UUGGHHH!
        We told them, they needed to take that sign down because, they were perpetrating a fraud!

    • SP, I went Sunday and believe it or not…I left the “swimps” alone. I had crabmeat ravioli that was awesome and Antoine’s was there with Baked Alaska. I had that for the first time…wasn’t too impressed with that dish.
      NS had an Oyster po-boy from Acme and really liked it.
      It was over cast so, the sun wasn’t out but, it was humid as hell!

    • Tazzee, now that I think about it, that’s the one thing I didn’t see…raw oysters. I’m sure they were out there but, I don’t know where they were. The hubby and son won’t eat raw oysters either. I remember when I was a kid, my best friend’s father would sit in his backyard with a tub of them and shuck and slurp away!

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