How Much Can You Take On The Job?

Yesterday, I had to attend a lil meeting at my weekend gig…y’all know, the one with all the loony workers and patients.  A lot of the employees are not happy at that place.

In fact, they’re down right miserable.

It’s a terrible thing when you work in a place and you don’t feel valued.

The director of nurses has cussed out more than a few of the nurses and assistants.

The administrator walks over the staff  like they’re trash.

But what troubles me more is working alongside people who feel as if they have no control over their current situation.

As if they have no other choice but, to remain there.

I’ve asked a few  of the nurses and their assistants why is it that they remain in a facility that they hate.

I mean to be honest, this profession is not like a lot of others.

The nurses can leave that place today and have another job the same day.

There’s a huge demand for nursing assistants as well and yet, they stay

…in a place they hate.

One nurse told me,”God’s gonna make a way for me to leave here.”  When I asked her if she had applied for any other jobs, her answer was no.

Well, God’s not gonna plop the job in your lap.  You have to at least put some applications out there.

Most of the people complaining have been there for 3-6 years and yet, they go to work everyday.

I know folks have responsibilities and all but, my thing is….if you hate it so much, why are you not planning an exit strategy?

Me, when a job gets on my nerves to that point…

I bounce.

No two weeks notice…nada.


When I was a floor nurse, I’d tell  everyone and anyone that, I walked in looking for  a job…I have no problem leaving looking for one.

People tend to label you crazy when you say stuff like that.

I don’t know why because , we should never feel “trapped” to work anywhere.

Shoot, I’ve quit jobs that didn’t get on my nerves.

Like when the Saints won the Superbowl and I wanted to go to the parade.

The  job wouldn’t give me the day off so,

I quit.

Had another job the next day.

Life is just too stressful and hard as it is

without giving 40 hours a week to a job that gives you a migraine at the thought of going to it

…or a heart attack.

One of the nurses just suffered a “slight” heart attack from stress.

Yet, she’s there 5 days a week

…looking as if she’s dead inside.

Why do we torment ourselves so much?

I remember when I was 27 years old, I was working at Sears in the Lakeforest Plaza. I had been there since I was 18 and I just dreaded going to that place.

One day I came home from work  screaming about how much I hated that job. My dad looked at me said “so quit.”

I was almost in shock because, it had never dawned on me to just quit.

And then, I thought about it.

Why work in a place that is destroying me internally

…giving me headaches, stomach pains and diarrhea just at the thought of going there.

So, I quit.

I immediately felt a burden lifted.

I felt free.

Ever since that experience, I will never work at a place that will rob me of my peace of mind or my health.

If I am at a place that tries to do that,

I  plan my exit strategy.

I’ve encouraged  my husband to do the same.

Years ago, he was employed as an officer with a state agency and  also in school for his master’s in criminal justice.

He had this one particular boss who tried to make it hard as possible for him on the job.

It was stressing him out.

I sat him down and spoke to him the same words my dad said to me,”go ahead and quit.”

My profession allowed  me to carry the weight  until he received his master’s.

He quit the stressful job and very shortly afterwards,

received his master’s degree.

I get that we all can’t be Oprah and make a mint doing something we absolutely  love and “feels like breathing” to us.

But, we shouldn’t feel like indentured servants either.

Life is just too short to be that miserable.

Are you taking just too much b.s. on the job?

And are you planning an exit strategy if you are?


8 thoughts on “How Much Can You Take On The Job?

  1. Love it! I believe you told me to “just quit” when I worked at Toys R Us in the East and was absolutely miserable. Best thing I ever did!!

  2. I work as a Customer Service Supervisor and I’d have to say my job is very stressful. As stressful as it is for me, it’s even more stressful for the people that work for me. So I try and make their lives on the job as stress free as possible. I try and offer them incentives and little extras that cost me little to nothing just to make them happy. Any fool can hold the position of Supervisor/Manager/Director or whatever you have; but it takes the right person to adequately fill that role.

    I like to think that I lead, teach and motivate and make the lives of my direct reports much easier. That’s the role of a manager. They get work done through others and strive to keep everyone happy.

    In a few minutes, I’ll be going to work on my off day, only for a few minutes. But in that few minutes I’m hoping to touch at least a few of my people and let them know that I care.

    People that don’t understand that shouldn’t be in positions like mine.

    • Reg, you are so right about that. People just want to feel appreciated at the end of the day. It makes the bullshit you take on a job a lil easier to handle…and it keeps your tires from being slashed or a brick from hitting your windshield.
      I’ve seen a few director of nurses walk outside only to find themselves sitting on four flats and their windshield busted.

  3. Man, this was a GREAT post. I felt it in the seat of my soul. WOW.

    I like what I do on my job. But I hate the management. They hate us. They make it miserable. I don’t have an exit strategy. I make a mint, doggonit, and I like the nature of my job. So I guess that is what keeps me around.

    but your post. Wow… What words of wisdom within…

    • Doc Lady Lee, I know you do make a mint! Lol
      I know you know your worth girlfriend! No doubt about that but, these people aren’t making a lot of money and they’re getting emotionally abused on the job.
      I’m just waiting for the day when one of them goes completely off in there.
      One of the nurses left the job last week and another one is leaving next week. I think they’re finally seeing the light.

  4. I love my job. But I have had a job I HATED before. Quick story…I hated it so much I would go in and pray everyday. But you know prayer without works is dead. I would SAY I want a new job but I wouldn’t look for one. This one particular day I went in and said “God change this job or move me.” Within 30 days a sista was FIRED. And then I was forced to look for another job. Fell into a field I adored.

    My mom used to tell me “You were looking for a job when you found that one so you can be looking for one when you leave it too.” Truer words have never been spoken. Our parents are fearless. Think of all they endured in their generation: segregation, jim crow laws, etc. I think our parents come from a generation of two fingers. Yep they will chuck the deuces in a heartbeat regardless of the economy.

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