Wishing you and yours a very, very Happy Easter!   It’s gonna be a pretty day down here in the Big Easy. I suspect that I’ll be smelling a whole lotta crawfish boil and charcoal coming from a bunch of  yards today. Me and my crew are going out for dinner today…I’m not cooking. 

Nope, heading to the French Quarters and we’re having dinner at Olivier’s  if it isn’t too crowded. I’ve never been there before  so I wanna give them a play and see how it is. I’ll be blogging about the experience as my restaurant of the month.. which I’ve been seriously slacking  and will be getting back to.

 I have to fix the easter baskets this morning. I always fix four baskets.

The kids each get one (yeah, even at 19 and almost 17, they still look for baskets),

a  house basket (that’s code for… when you’re finish eating all of the  candy in your basket, you can eat the left over candy and it’s in this  basket just sitting around the house)

…and NavySeal’s basket. Yeah, he looks forward to his basket and will pout like a big baby if he doesn’t get it.

I live in a house of spoiled-rotten people.

My baskets are always traditional  NOLA  baskets with Elmer’s candy… like my mom used to make. I fill  it with their favorite jellybeans and some  other stuff but, the base of the basket always start here…

That’s another one of the many Louisiana food culture things…eating Elmer’s candy for Easter.  Ms. Denise  Trowbridge did a wonderful blog about this tradition. 

In addition to their baskets, have to send my brother(The Oracle) his easter candy so, I make sure I purchase enough Heavenly Hash to ship along with his bricks of CDM coffee.

You Louisiana folks would just die if you couldn’t get a care package from home…I’ll tell ya!

Yesterday, the hubby and I went to Petco with  Happy and Dyson for them to get their vaccinations.  It’s probably the first time that, Happy(the rescue dog) ever received them.  

He was so well-behaved. It was super-crowded and he just took it all in stride. I’m still trying to figure out why they abused and neglected him. He is a wonderful dog.  Abusers don’t really need a reason though… do they?

Dyson on the other hand, acted like a donkey!  Growling, barking and acted a plum-nilly fool and then, I noticed his nose started bleeding.

I’ve never had a dog whose nose bled or had seizures before and he’s doing both.

We’re gonna have to get a panel workup on him to see what’s going on. I’m noticing that, it happens every time he’s really excited so, I hope that gives us a clue.

I’m just hoping he doesn’t have a tumor.  We just buried Sassie a year ago…I couldn’t handle another loss.

The second season of Treme begins tonight…can’t wait to see what this season brings and how it will affect those of us who are emotionally tied into it all.

Over at Back-of-Town, they do a really wonderful job of going through each episode and writing about how it affects so many of us. Looking forward to going through another season with you guys!

Well, that’s all I got today…gotta get these baskets done before my people wake up.

Have a wonderful time with family and friends today!



4 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER!

  1. Oracle is going to love you, so much. I can’t stand Heavenly Hash but he just loves it! So thanks!! And yay for the coffee. He won’t drink anything else.

    Hope you guys had a good Easter!!

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