King Cakes and Nathan

Well, twelfth night has come and gone so that means one of my favorite holidays is upon us,


Mardi Gras Time!!

Not so much because of the parades ( I only go out to hear the bands play.) It’s because of this right here,



King Cakes….yummy!  The only place I get mine from is Manny Randazzo’s on N. Hullen Street in Metairie.  Manny’s started selling king cakes Saturday morning at 8 a.m., I got there at 8:05.  The line was already through the store, through the parking lot and out to the street!  Did I leave and go home?  Heck naw!  I parked my car and got in line. It was cold out but, I was dressed to handle the weather and the 45 minute wait would have been just fine if it wasn’t for….NATHAN.


Nathan is a 7-year-old kid who was standing behind me in line with his grandparents.  The entire 45 minutes, the grandparents were trying to keep Nathan’s busy-body behind still. I think during those 45 minutes, I heard every conceivable statement that you could tell a kid.

“Nathan, don’t touch that”

“Nathan, they’re going to arrest you.”

“Nathan, get over here.”

“Nathan stop it!”

“Nathan, do you want to sit in the car with paw-paw? Well, stop then.


What they should have told Nathan was,

“Nathan, I’mma bust yo ass if you touch one more thing!”

Speaking of busting asses, I know everyone must have seen this video by now. Old boy won’t be trying to be an internet thug anymore I bet.


I’ve read a lot of the comments out there and it seems, a lot of people are more worried about the uncle’s sagging pants than the fact that,  his nephew was on facebook being an internet thug talking about killing people.  I would have whopped my nephew’s ass too(and I have) for trying to be hard.  That mess will get him or someone in his family killed.  Years from now, he’ll thank his uncle for that very same ass whoppin. He doesn’t know it yet but, his uncle saved his life.   A lot of other people feel that, the uncle will get a visit from social services for displaying child abuse. Somehow, that uncle doesn’t come across to me as a man who gives a damn about social services.  He does however, give a damn about his nephew.

Way to go uncle for stepping up to the plate. If more young black males had an uncle like you, maybe this killing in our community would cease. Everyone is always crying, it takes a man to raise a man and when one steps up, you question the way he raises him.

Y’all need to go sit down somewhere with that mess and let the lion show the cub his place in the pride.

Well, that’s all I got today. I’m behind on a lot of work…gotta get ta’ stepping!


8 thoughts on “King Cakes and Nathan

  1. That King Cake looks good, I’ll take a slice.

    That uncle did his nephew a solid. Guess his father wasn’t there to do that for him. He should have thanked his uncle for whipping that ass!!!

  2. that King Cake WAS good!!! VERY GOOD !!!
    and as for Nathan …grandparents usually let their GKs get away with murder!
    the internet uncle, as Reggie stated, did his nephew a solid! whipping that ass might just save his life!
    its too bad that now kids are trying soooo damn hard to be hard they stop being kids and enjoying the life of a kid….Lord knows that its short lived as is..they will be adults with those whole set of responsibilities until they die!

  3. Hi bc, That is so hilarious about Nathan! It sounds like he doesnt really need more sugar. But as always you have a knack at making all sorts of food including king cakes really appetizing! thanks, sp

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