The Super Bowl of the South

Last night, we all watched the Saints play the Falcons in the Georgia Dome. It was a really big game.  The game had a lot on the line, the Falcons had a winning streak going  and the Saints needed a win to remain viable for the play offs. Not only that but, the Falcons had come to New Orleans and beat the Saints in the their own home the last time they met.  Atlanta wanted to make sure that, it didn’t happen to them and New Orleans wanted to make sure it did.  A few days before the game, people were talking their usual “football smack ” about the game… who was gonna win and why.

Everyone except Roddy White and Steven Godfrey.

Roddy White’s dumb behind started tweeting about and I quote, “the grace of god gave them a championship so the city wouldn’t fall apart and now, they think they’re hot shit.”  Here’s the link for anyone who wants to see it. Then, this other fool, Steven Godfrey  wrote an article over at and he says that,”Saints fans exploited every iota of Katrina to better celebrate a Super Bowl win.” The article he wrote was taken down but, good ole’ NOLA. com has a piece about it here.

…to BETTER celebrate?!


I mean really…REALLY?!

Does he not know this city?!

It’s frigging NEW ORLEANS MAN!

We’ll celebrate (party) just because the sun came out!

Here’s the thing that pisses me off about these two people. The spirit of the people in this here city NEVER fell apart! Katrina hit 2005…Mardi Gras 2006 went down because, that’s what we do…keep moving.

Long before the Road  Home became an option, I had already made the decision to return home and rebuild

..and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one.

And you know what? I honestly believe that, there’s a population of people who hate us for that fact.

The fact that,we kept moving when a lot of people thought ( wanted) the city would die.

And I’m talking about the spirit of the people…it did not die.

Many thought we’d all just up and move and post a “New Orleans For Sale” sign at the entrance.

Nah bruh, I can’t eat like this anywhere else.

On any given day, I could be lying in my bed and here a few marching bands come down the street…

or have a total stranger come up to me and tell me their entire life story as if, we’re best friends.

It soothes my soul…I’m good.

For Mardi Gras ’06, they had more people dressed as  blue-tarp roofs and fema trailers than the law allows!

Christmas of 2005, in Lakeside Mall had a display with the blue-tarp homes, fema trailers,debris and refrigerators waiting to be picked up.

10 people became offended and the mall dismantled it. They must have been tourists because, those of us from the area, came out in droves and demanded it be put back.

Our wacky sense of humor is what makes us thrive.

Halloween of ’06, I took my own fema trailer and put it in a giant spider web…

Those of us who returned home, held on to the hope and belief that, the city would NOT die.

The city was rebuilding long before the Lombardi Trophy got here dude.

I know. I was here.

One of my favorite bloggers, Cliff over at Cliff’s Crib, wrote a beautiful post about it all here.

I’m not as eloquent as Cliff because, when I write my emotions rise to the surface and I have to edit myself from saying…

Steven and Roddy…Fuck y’all!

So much for editing…lol

People lost loved ones in that storm…the shit gets personal when you bring it up so, get ready for the war when you do.

The REASON why so many people flew to New Orleans instead of Miami for the Super Bowl is because, they KNEW the real party was gonna go down here!

That was gonna happen whether Katrina hit or not.

Nobody needs your damned sympathy to celebrate here Steven.

Had the Saints won the Super Bowl in 2000, I can guarantee, the exact same celebration would  have happened.

I’m glad the Saints won this one.

Not so much because, we beat our rival team in their own home…

but, because of all of the  bullshit that Roddy and Steven said.






20 thoughts on “The Super Bowl of the South

  1. better than well said , we watched last night and t was like the super bowl all over ya know some folk will never under the soul of new orleans

    • Hey SP!

      Those two are idiots of a whole new caliber! I think some people are actually angry that the Saints and it’s fans are so close. I think the Who Dat Nation pisses Roddy off more than anything else.

  2. Roddy is on my twitter timeline, and when he tweeted what he said… I was like dude, NO! Show some respect.

    I know it bothered you. And rightfully so. I lived down there in NO for 2.5 years. It was definitely an experience. And I hate that some people don’t respect ya’lls heart for your city like they should.

  3. Lee, so many people became pissed off at us because, after the storm we rejected their gentrification ideas. Oh, they had all sorts of ideas of how they were gonna upgrade our “3rd world country-like” city and turn us into big city people.
    We basically told them to kiss our ass and sent them packing.

    They didn’t want people to return to the lower nine because, THEY WANTED THAT LAND and became pissed because, they couldn’t get it
    ( contrary to many beliefs,those black folks are homeowners in the lower nine…not renters.)
    They even tried to get to some land back here in Pontchartrain Park. The homeowners had been rooted here since the 50’s and they were trying to get their hands on the golf course back here and turn it into some sort of apartment housing (black folks don’t play golf I guess.)
    Wendell Pierce stepped in,got Terrance Blanchard on board (both from “the park” and had the golf course declared historical so, it couldn’t be destroyed. The golf course is completely restored now.

    People either love this city or, they hate it. There’s usually no in between.

    • That is extremely well put, Ali. I can tell it came from your heart. I didn’t know about Pontchartrain Park. Even though I am not from the city, I care about it and love it – as it is (except for the crime) – like a native.

  4. What he said was insensitive and stupid; but what do you expect from a football player?!?

    If I’d have wanted to hear intelligent commentary I’d have turned on PBS.

  5. Reg, I don’t know if he was trying to hype up the game or what but, Roddy was foul for that one. Believe it or not, that Steven pissed me off more than Roddy. Who needs to milk “every iota of Katrina” to better celebrate a frigging game? The media kept using that as their angle,not the people of New Orleans. I mean, I see why they used it…it makes a great story. But, don’t cast that blame on us…CNN,ESPN and ’em did that mess.

  6. I’m all for smack talk but when it gets personal I get offended. Every year some idiot fan brings up Katrina and it hurts my heart. You know I love your city.

    With that said, Roddy didn’t make his comment until Saints fans got real nasty and personal with him. Talked about his mama, very foul words, etc. Not that it excuses his comment (and that’s the one comment he apologized for) but he suffered a lot of attacks before he made that comment.

    The thing that kills me about the twitter article is that Roddy’s tweets are listed in reverse order. After the first tweet (to Trent Dilfer), Saints fans and players went at him, thus the 2nd tweet about the fans being rude and so on. I saw some of the tweets and I thought my eyes were going to bleed. So the ‘grace of god’ tweet was after more than 12 hours of Saints fans cursing him out, talking about his mama, etc. Again not excusing him.

    It got so bad on twitter that I had to step away. After the game, it seemed that Saints fans were searching for Falcons fans to insult. I NEVER engage in smack talk but I got random tweets laced with VERY nasty language. I would never come back with a Katrina insult, but I do see how folks can get riled up and try to hit low after such a barrage of insults.

    And I think Roddy realized his wrong. He didn’t apologize for any of his other tweets but he did apologize to the people of NOLA for that one.

    Sorry for such a long response.

    • Tazzee, you can write a novel if you feel like it chick…it’s welcomed here. I know you love New Orleans.
      Yeah, I feel ya on the twitter mess but, dude needs to learn how to play the dozens CORRECTLY. If people were talking about his momma, he should have kicked in on their momma. Not a disaster that destroyed darn near an entire city and people died. That’s like someone from New York getting at him and he brings up 9-11.
      But, like I said, Roddy didn’t tee me off as much as Steven did…NOW THAT moron….

  7. AMEN and AMEN…from a native who resides in the ATL…Very well put…The venom here is ridiculous at times…its a game…don’t make it personal…I am a SAINTS fan ’til the day I die…but it is still a game…Sitting here today with black and gold on –while there for Christmas the kids brought me this silk scarf with fluer di lis on it–if I could get away with wearing it everyday I would…can’t take my joy or my RING away LOL!

    • Cyncere One, I can only imagine what the climate is like between New Orleanians who moved there and people born and raised in the ATL. I bet it’s HOT!!!

    • ALM, I think it’s ridiculous they even brought Katrina up…what’s THAT all about? It’s a football game. My hope is that the Saints go to the Super Bowl in 2013, when it’s being played here. If they thought that one was a party, 2013 will be off the hook! The city will have to shut down fo sho!

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