Day 14. This Week

Well, this is an easy one … this week is hectic.  Holidays, holidays, wearing me out.  I’m still  not completely finished with the shopping part. I’m going out today  to wrap it all up. I hate going to Lakeside Mall, it’s always crowded and I’m not big on crowds (unless they’re throwing something to me.) Also, I had to go to a  3 day seminar on Alzheimer’s  for my “crazy gig” because of some new federal regulations. It was like being thrown into a torture chamber for 3 days…seminars are sooooo boring.  I swear, I’d quit that job but it is so entertaining…I’m hooked.  We get some really crazy people coming through those doors.  REALLY crazy, like diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia type of people. Some of the nurses need to go get diagnosed…just sayin’.

The NBA  championship trophy is going about the USA and stopped here at  Office Depot in Harvey. Well, y’all know if we  hear something is going on and we’re out and about…we’re heading there.

Nice shot bruh.   Ya aging really well…60 looks great on you!

Today, I’ll start my prep work for all of that holiday cooking.  That will take up most of the day so, I’ll pull out a few of my favorite movies to keep my company. I seem to watch certain movies when I know I’m gonna be in the kitchen for a few hours . The Godfather I & II, Jaws, Tombstone and Cleopatra (with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton) usually lead the pack. I’ve added a new movie to the mix, one of my favorite 80’s movies…SIXTEEN CANDLES with Molly Ringwald. I love that darned movie!

It’s gonna be cold (well, cold for here) on Christmas so, I’m fixing gumbo!!!  I just love to eat gumbo when it’s chilly outside….reminds me of my mom.

The kids are shaking the shit outta the presents under the tree…trying to guess what’s in them.  They’re almost 17 and 19 years old and they’re still excited over them like two toddlers.   I love the fact that, my kids are still kids.  So many of them grow up so fast today…I’m glad they really enjoy being kids.

Gotta work Christmas day…uuugh.

Well, that’s all  I got….time to get this party started.



4 thoughts on “Day 14. This Week

  1. Hi bc, I know you’ve got that Penneys coupon and all, but the stores and parking lots are a lot calmer at the Esplanade mall in Kenner. If you can endure that seminar, there’s nothing too hard for you! have fun! sp

  2. SP, you must have read my mind. I’m heading out to Esplanade this evening. Two nights ago, I went to Lakeside and it was so packed, I left and went to Esplanade. It was just about empty and had what I wanted. I’m going to Esplanade today and I’ll catch Lakeside first thing tomorrow morning (still have to get to JC Penney.)

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