Day 12 What’s In Your Bag?

Too much junk is what. I keep saying I’m gonna clean this thing out but, I just keep adding more stuff in…and it’s mostly paper.

Look at this,Receipts like crazy! A sewage and water board bill,Yellow Jacket’s Kris Kringle Angel, A memo book to record all of my purchases (which I never do) A calendar and …Jolly Ranchers or as we like to call them, “wine candies.”  And of course, what girl would be without an ELECTRICAL OUTLET in her bag?!

I should be on Let’s Make A Deal with this bag…and not the one Wayne Brady is hosting. Let’s make a deal…MONTY!

Nope, didn’t clean it out. I just dumped everything right back into the bag…outlet included. Never know when I may need an outlet while roaming the streets. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Day 12 What’s In Your Bag?

  1. This is wonderful! My favorite of all the challenges. I have that same $10 off coupon for Penneys. I’m sure they sat around a table and thought… what amount of money would get someone in these days and times to actually get in the car and drive to Penneys? Ten is the amount! Twice as much as a couple of years ago, I’m sure. And also, did you call the Walgreens to rate their service so you can enter yourself in the 10,000 dollar drawing? Again 10 is the thousand, we live in a society obsessed with numbers. thanks very much, bc, and enjoy the holidays. love, sp

  2. SP,I’ll be using that coupon from Pennys this weekend. And no, I didn’t do the Walgreens thing but, I will now! Happy Holidays to you too!

    • Hey Reg, ya gotta admit ya have a problem first….I ain’t admitting to nothing! LOL
      You can have any flavor except the watermelon. I like to eat them with a bag of chips…yummy.

  3. I actually kind of forgot about this challenge, probably because I really haven’t been posting much. I’m going to start this up again in the new year…and I love that you’re walking around town with an electrical outlet in your purse!

  4. Denise, the outlet was supposed to remind me to get something from Lowe’s but, as you can see I’ve forgotten to get it. I may not have Alzeheimer’s but, I definitely have Sometimer’s…sometime’s
    I don’t remember a darn thing I’m supposed to.

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