Family, Food and Football

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day. I was too pooped to pop when it was all said and done. My posse’ had a wonderful meal. The stuffed bell peppers

the stuffed crabs

and the crab cakes

stole the show though.  It was a quiet thanksgiving with just us and a whole lotta food and the Saints game…family and football.

The next day, NavySeal,PK and I went out into the black friday madness.  We woke up at 4 a.m. and left the house about 4:45. We didn’t head to the mall or Walmart…we went to Office Depot on Saint Charles St. They had some laptop computers on sale there and PK wanted to buy one for himself and we wanted to get one for YellowJacket as a gift.   The people who needed computers slept on Office Depot because, they didn’t have a line. When they opened at 6 a.m. only 12 of us were there.  They crew was so nice, they came outside and served us hot chocolate and water…I think Imma have to go there every year with that sort of hospitality…lol.


I just found out that my husband (ok, not my REAL husband… my “musical” husband) thee fabulous WILL DOWNING  is having a concert here in the NOLA on December 18th at the Morial Convention Center! Yeah, buddy!  NavySeal is purchasing the tickets as I type! I’ve been waiting to see Will again for about 10 years now. I saw him in concert with  Gerald Albright and they tore the place up! Goodness, that child sho can SANG!

Ok, he got ’em! Floor seats…WhooHooooo!!


Damn! This is some crazy mess. The paragraph above was written two days ago. By the time I came back to finish my post…the darn concert was CANCELED!  It looks like this entire leg of the concert was canceled…now, what am I gonna do? Knowing me, I’ll end up at some restaurant somewhere.

It just dawned on me that, I haven’t completed the blog challenge …I told y’all it would take me forever  to get through it.

I’ll start it back up tomorrow and see if I can complete it before the new year gets here.

I’m ready for Mardi Gras to begin…mostly because, I want a king cake.

We have some cool weather so, I better get me some homemade eggnog in before it gets hot again.  Ya know, I’ve never had store-bought eggnog. We’ve always used the family recipe from my great-grandfather.

Well, that’s all I got right now…EXCEPT for this conversation I just had with my son. Kinda made me sad, that he really has missed  so much New Orleans nostalgia. Most of the stores are gone.  Krauss, Maison Blanche, K and B, Schwegmann’s…Seafood City (very pretty)…all gone.

PK: mom, who the heck is Mr. Bangle?

Me: who?

PK: Mr. Bagel? Mr. Banjo?

Me: Boy, you mean…MR. BINGLE!


The sound sucks but, the memories it brings back…PRICELESS!



6 thoughts on “Family, Food and Football

    • Tazzee, we did. I’m looking forward to Christmas. Oh Lawd, we play ya’ll the day after. It’s gonna be The Superbowl of the South! 🙂

  1. Hmmmmm, maybe I should have had Thanksgiving dinner at your house…….

    I was thinking about King Cake today myself. The best King Cake that I ever had, I got at Good Children’s bakery in Mereaux. Now that King Cake was delicious!!!

    • Reggie, Good Children’s Bakery is part of the Randazoo’s Clan. The Randazoo’s family have the king cakes on lock! I get mine from Mannie Randazoo’s in Metairie. I don’t know if Good Children’s opened after the storm.

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