It’s Getting Kinda Hectic!

I can’t believe  I’ve been so busy that, I couldn’t even check my own blog. Missed you guys. Lately, I’ve been around here getting ready for my dad’s return. To the folks with kids, if you think “baby proofing” your house is rough, you haven’t lived until you’ve “geri proofed” it!  We had to literally take the tub out of the downstairs bathroom and turn it into a shower stall. This way, I don’t have to worry about him falling trying to get in or out of the tub.  Then, there’s the floors to consider.  Anything too smooth will increase the chance that he may fall so, I had to put tile in the bathroom that has more of a “grip” to it. Major work.

I can’t believe how much medicine cost for the elderly…it ridiculous! My dad has one that costs almost $150.00 a month! How the hell are elderly people supposed to be able to pay for that shit?!  It’s a good thing,  I have a lot of doctor friends who have all of those pharmaceutical reps with samples.  He’s hooked up for a good 6 months right now but, it’s absolutely crazy how much medicine costs.

In addition to everything else, I’ve reached the hot flashes stage of my life. If I get one more of these “infernos”, Imma just go’ head on and do the human combustion thing and be done with it. I’m driving my family nuts. I’m freezing them to death in here because I’m hot as hell…for about 1 minute then, it’s over…until the next one. I had the “I’m going through menopause ” talk with the kids. I wanted them to understand the process and know that if I go from this,

to this one right here,

it’s probably the hormones….

Purple Knight voted for the first time in the Nov.2 election! Yeah Baby!!! We’re really proud of him. As soon as  he turned 18, that was one of the first things he wanted to do(the other was to see an “R” rated movie without us)…go figure. Ever since the kids could walk and talk,  I’d take them with me  to the polls and all three of us would be in the booth. I’d let them each take turns pressing the candidate of my choice. It was ingrained in my kids very early in life how important voting is….so glad to see my seed being harvested. GO PURPLEKNIGHT!  YellowJacket is chomping at the bit to get her vote on. The sad part is, I didn’t see any other young people at the polls.

It’s the holiday season but, it’s hard to feel festive in weather that’s 80 degrees….unless you’re at Disney World or Universal Studio…which we ain’t! LOL.  I  just checked the weather where my brother (Oracle) is and it’s -5!  Neg-UH-tive 5?! Imma keep this 80 degrees and work with it…I can’t do a thing with weather below zero.

We went to see Harry Potter! We caught it at the Elmwood Palace Monday night and it was crowded. We had thee IMAX experience..well, I had no intention of IMAXing Harry Potter but see, what  had happened was…

I went to the counter to purchase 4 tickets  for the 7:15 showing and the person said, $50.oo! I said, WTH?! I was told that was the IMAX showing. I asked for the non-IMAX showing and was told it was for 8:45, Me: what about that 7:45 one? Counter person: oh, I didn’t see that one…$34.oo

So, we’re in the movie theater and after getting our popcorn and stuff, we had to walk past the IMAX  7:15 showing to get to our 7:45 showing. Well, I said to myself…shit, I ain’t waiting 30 minutes and they have one getting ready to start. So, I go into the IMAX one, have a look around and sho nuf, they have plenty seats on the sides because, everyone wanted to sit in the center.

I go back to the door and call my crew, “y’all come on,we’re going in this one right here.”

Navyseal: This ain’t ours…


We all go in, take our seats and the movie begins and that’s when my crew realized that…they’re IMAXING it! Lol

The picture is sharper, the sound is better but, I wouldn’t have paid $12.50 a person for that experience. It was crowded though. I wonder how many people snuck in there like me.

When I was a teen, my friends and I used to sneak into movies all of the time and movies were a helluva lot harder to sneak into back then. I loved the movie. Purpleknight gives it 5 out of 5 stars! YellowJacket 4 out of 5. NavySeal  3 1/2 out of 5.

Well gang, that’s all I got for today. I have plenty of turkey day prepping to do. My crew wants to have a seafood thanksgiving so, we’re having;

Baked Mac and Cheese,Stuffed Bell Peppers, Stuffed Crabs, Crab Cakes(they love crabs), Baked Ham(no one wanted turkey this year),Creole Cornbread Dressing,Potato Salad, a green salad (not sure what kind yet),Veggies and Homemade Red Velvet Cake.

I wanted to fix gumbo but, it’s too hot for me.

The Saints are playing Thanksgiving Day!!!! Hope they give us a win.



18 thoughts on “It’s Getting Kinda Hectic!

  1. So nice to hear some of your writing again! Your menu sounds very appetizing. We have our choice of all the restaurants with Thanksgiving buffets in Gulf Shores (just drove up, and checked in!). It’s so hot, unbelievable. But fun all around to have this time together and so much to be grateful for. I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving. love, sp

  2. Wait, what? No turkey?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! I am ashamed. Seriously. It’s freaking TURKEY DAY!

    Fine, I’ll turkey enough for you. I might just enough all 19lbs of out turkey for y’all. LOL I wait all year for this damn bird and I plan on eating it! Our meal plan: baked mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, corn, stuffing. Yeah, that’s it. It’s funny how different the northern meal is from the southern meal is.

    And freaking turkey!! 🙂

    And super jealous about HP! I am DYING to go but haven’t felt good enough to deal with the crowds and the loud sounds. But I am dying.

    Have a good day tomorrow. Love and hugs to the family. Miss you guys!!!!!

  3. SIL, nope no turkey today. Your oldest son was the first to rise against it. Lol. Ya know I can send you the recipe for stuffed bell peppers…ya don’t have to use shrimp if they’re too expensive out there. Heck, I’m sending you the recipe! Hope you feel better!!
    Miss you guys back…kiss my babies for me!

  4. Good luck with your father. At some point in time we all will have to make decisions for our aging relatives……and one day someone will have to make decisions about us.

    I used to work with a woman that was experiencing some serious hot flashes. I swear they used to keep that office cold enough to hang meat in it. I’d be drinking coffee and would have three layers of clothes on and I’d still be cold. I’d walk by old girl’s desk and there would be sweat coming off her head.

    • Reg, that’s pretty much how it’s in my house with my husband and I right now…lol
      The old man will be ok. My nursing skills kick into overdrive where he’s concerned. I drive him nuts but, he knows where his health is concerned…he gets no vote. That’s why he always says, he’s actually had two wives in his life…my mom and me. Hey, it is what it is.

  5. We’re having fried turkey today.

    My wife doesn’t eat pork so we eat turkey year round. It’s not uncommon for us to have either gumbo or etouffee on Thanksgiving or Christmas. As a matter of fact, some years we’ve had fried shrimp or steak and potatoes.

    Ya know, one of these days I’d like to taste a turducken.

    • Reg, I’ve never had turducken before. I’ve only had fried turkey once but, next year I’m gonna go old school on them and fix Cowan (turtle soup for the non-creole folks. I’m not gonna tell the kids what it is until AFTER they’ve eaten it.

  6. ,Your turkey day menu sounds delicious!

    WHO DAT! Wasn’t that a fantastic game? I was a nervous wreck the whole time.

    Re: Hotflashes – I’ve been having them for almost 10 years and they to level off. Go to your GYN and ask him for Evamist. It’s fantastic and MUCH better than the patch. Also, get a small fan to blow on you when a hot flash comes. It helps. So do frozen peas on the back of the neck!!

    • Judy, that game almost gave me a heart attack! LOl…glad we won.
      10 YEARS?! I’m trying my hardest not to get any medicine but, I don’t know how long I’m gonna be able to keep at this. Lately, I’ve been eating ice chips like crazy.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    That menu sounds divine.

    I think I’m in the pre stages of menopause, or perimenopause. Most folks say I’m too young but that feeling of being on fire starting at the inside of my neck (if that makes sense) is annoying!!!

    • Tazzee, right back atcha! You’re not too young for perimenopause. I work with a woman who went through full menopause at 35 years old.
      And that feeling of being on fire at the neck is exactly how my hot flashes come on! Mine is from the neck up and I’m a very cold-natured person. You could very well be in the per-imenopausal stage.

    • K, it’s unreal. And the kicker is, you need to see how much medicine, I actually throw away on my “crazy job!” We’re talking crates that are full of medicine being flushed away. It just burns me up to know that, people who need medicine, can’t afford it and I’m flushing the shit down the toilet.

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