Crazy Randoms About Moi.

1. I’m a lefty. In addition to being the only girl in the family, I’m also the only southpaw.  Growing up, I had to sit in a certain spot so I wouldn’t bump elbows with whomever was eating next to me. My mom could not teach me how to write so, she would send me two houses down to our “lefty neighbor.”

2.I love red beans and rice but, I don’t like the beans.

3. I can bowl really, really well. My dad used to belong to three bowling leagues and would make us bowl in the grass  to “perfect our aim.” My aim is pretty darned good!

4. I second-line hard. Street level second lining. Not that prissy stuff you see at weddings with people holding their lil hankie in the air. My dad’s side of the family comes from a long line of hard-hitting street level second liners…we roll with the buck jumping and errything!

5. I have never done any recreational drugs. NEVA. Don’t like anyone or anything controlling me…I have control issues.

6. I have a great sense of humor. I can make you split a rib from laughing so hard.

7. I cuss like a sailor. I’m working on it….I said, I’m working on it!

8. Today it dawned on me that, I am the exact same weight as I was in high school. How’d that happen?

9.  I just “unfriended” 20 people from my facebook page. Ya know, I’m really beginning to hate that darned thing. It’s like having to be bothered with fools all day. Ironically, most of the people I unfriended were people who, I went  to school with.  Why did I ever friend them to begin with? I didn’t like them in school…now, I gotta be bothered on the internet…NOT.

10. I sleep with my eyes open. Sometimes. I remember being a teen and having my mom shake the shit outta me screaming, “ALISON! ALISON!”  I woke up saying, “what?” Her reply, “girl, I thought your ass was dead…your eyes were wide open!”


17 thoughts on “Crazy Randoms About Moi.

  1. My baby’s eyes are not all the way closed when she sleeps and it scares the hell out of me. I have awakened her a few nights just to check.

    I also cuss like a sailor and I have since the 4th grade. It’s funny because I don’t cuss a lot when I write but if I am in a personal conversation there’s a lot of bad language jumping off.

    • Cliff, I’ve when I was young and slept at my friends home, I’d wake up in the room…ALONE! Why? Because, my eyes were open and they’re little asses thought I was the devil! LOL

      I keep telling my family that…good people cuss too! 🙂

  2. Having control issues about your own life is a survival skill. People who don’t like “control freaks”, and say so, are that way themselves. Your #5 on the list is very thought-provoking. sp

    • Hey Lefty Judy!
      I will be friending you today!!

      …I’m so glad cussers are coming out of the closet! I keep telling NavySeal that, I’m not alone in that area. LOL

    • K, my mind is working on cursing less than a sailor. Unfortunately, my mouth is working on cursing more like one.

      My mouth is winning…

      • For what it’s worth, my experience is that women who curse are much more creative and stylish than the average guy. There *is* something of an art to it, and I hate to see an artist stop creating. It’s not a pretty f***ing sight.

        To hear a real master at work, check out Danny McBride on HBO’s Eastbound and Down. But definitely after the kids have hit the sack. Possibly Navy Seal as well.

      • LOL! K, I must be FULL of creativity then! I’m going to have to check out Eastbound and Down…gonna see if it’s on hulu right now!

  3. The sleeping with the eyes open thing is just flat out weird. I’d probably be scared of you if I saw that.

    Oh and it’s wrong to eat beans and rice without eating the beans, it’s just wrong!!!

    I like the idea of the informative blog though…..good post.

  4. Reggie,I still creep NavySeal out with that one. My daughter sleeps with her eyes open as well (so glad to give her the “creep people out” gene.)

    Growing up my mom used to have to take her big spoon and put it so that, I’d only have the juice on my plate. That’s the only way she could get me to eat a plate. I still can’t eat the beans Reg …or as we call ’em down here…BULLETS!
    Just fixed a pot of ’em last night…

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