They Have The Nerve To Call Me Chicken.

These two little turkey’s of mine had the nerve to call me chicken! How the heck ya gonna call ya mommy chicken because, she doesn’t watch scary movies?

Kids: Mom, we’re watching The Grudge…come watch it with us.

Me: Uh, no. I don’t do scary movies. Ya  grandmother took me to see Carrie and The Omen when I was a very young teen. Scared the shit out of me for life.

YellowJacket: I’m not scary! I love scary movies!

PurpleKnight: Me too!   Aww, mom…you’re a chicken.

Kids in unison:  *singing* mommy is a chiiicken! she is a chiiiken!

Me: Whatever. Imma see who sleeps with the light on tonight.

Kids: Not Me!

Well, the knuckleheads watch their little movie.  The brave little souls turned out the lights and watched it in the dark ( I guess for full scary effect.)

The next morning, this is what I found,

Look who slept together!  Both of their tails was scared! LOL.

And they called ME chicken.


9 thoughts on “They Have The Nerve To Call Me Chicken.

  1. That’s hilarious!

    I don’t do scary movies either. I’m younger than you but my I saw Carrie, Exorcist, The Omen, It’s Alive and Rosemary’s Baby. Most at drive-ins. I guess they thought I’d be sleep… Anyway, I’m traumatized for life. No scary movies, no haunted houses and you better not sneak up on me, LOL

    • Tazzee, If I even HEAR a commercial for the Exorcist coming on…I run out the room! I forgot about Rosemary’s Baby…I actually like that one.
      Halloween 2005, NavySeal and I were at Universal Studios in Orlando. The “ghouls” started walking around in full make-up to prepare for Halloween night. I was scared of them in broad daylight, there was no way I was hanging around at night!

  2. When I was a kid, I went to a drive-in with a friend’s family to see Premature Burial. All I remember is that my cold drink went flying. I hate that stuff, maybe this is the reason I’m claustrophobic. But there can be good movies with a creepy side to them, like Sixth Sense. Halloween is just about candy as far as I care. sp

    • SP, I remember those drive-ins! Did you go to the Sky-view on Chef and Downman? The 6th Sense was very creepy. I used to take the kids to the Boo at the Zoo. That’s about all the scary I can handle!

      • Boo at the Zoo is about the level I can handle. The drive-in I was thinking of was in Miami, quite a long time ago, and I don’t believe we ever went to the Sky-view drive-in here. Just passed by that location this morning, though, for early voting at the voting machine warehouse out farther on the Chef. thanks, sp

  3. LOL! I’m with ya! I don’t watch anything that scares me…intentionally…yet I watch Law and Order and Criminal Minds with a passion. My aversion came early (and this will tell my age…) –Dark Shadows did it for me…would sleep (with pressed hair) with the covers over my head.

    • OHHHHH, Cyncere One…I LOVED DARK SHADOWS!!!!
      I loved, loved Barnabas Collins!!!
      I did sleep with the covers up to my neck though after watching it.
      Didn’t want the vampire to bite my neck so, I always made sure my neck was covered.LOL
      Also, my bed was NEVER near an outlet….I didn’t want…THE BLOB to get me!

  4. That’s why I prefer Godzilla. Godzilla never scared the shit outta anybody.

    I don’t care for your basic slasher films, they do nothing for me.

    Godzilla is truly eternal.

    • Reg, I so agree with you there! When I was young, every time I knew Godzilla was coming on, I “suddenly” became sick and couldn’t go to church!
      My favorite…Godzilla VS Rodan and The Three-headed Monster!

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