I’m Sorry…My Bad.

It seems that, I have more than a few people keeping me on my toes with this blog of mine.  A lot of folks who read my blog are also facebook friends and one of my “purple knight family members” got on my case because, I never put up the studio copies of my son so he and the rest of the purple knight nation could see them.

So, to all my purple knight brothers….I’m sorry!

Ok…my bad…I forgot!

Here ya go…jeez.

Purpleknight c/o 2010

Proud member of the mighty Marching 100.

Father and son….the legacy continues.

I think I better clean off my scanner screen. LOL. Thanks for keeping my on my toes fellas…I thought I had put them up already.  See ya at the game.


18 thoughts on “I’m Sorry…My Bad.

  1. This young man was one of my favorite students on the field as well as off. It was a joy and a privilege.
    Welcome to the alumni chapter…you better be there when the alumni band marches.

    Assistant Band Director

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