It was a YellowJacket weekend. Saturday, ole’ girl had a volleyball game and then her homecoming dance was that night. I had no idea my child could play volleyball that well. I should have known she was going to be awesome because for some reason we tend to excel at sports. Track and gymnastics was my thing when I was her age. I was great at both.  This child is a darned POWERHOUSE! I even heard the other team talking about her before they started the game.  The team leader said, “watch out for #8…she hits the ball hard and deep so when she serves, everybody step back.”

She wasn’t lying.  YellowJacket served the ball and the darned ball looked like it was gonna go in the basketball goal!Those are just practice pictures…I couldn’t get her serving in the game because, my camera broke.

Later that evening, she went to her homecoming dance. I love to watching her make that transition from ” musician or sports chick” to “girly girl” (she’s been playing the trumpet for 5 years now.) She does it so well.  Most of the sports chick I knew (me included)hated the transition to “girly girl.” But, not her….she soaks it right up.

16 year olds didn’t look like this when I was one.  Finding a dress that’s not “too hoochie” and not too “grown up” ain’t easy when your 16 year old daughter is built like a grown ass woman.Yeah, we got guns…a lot of  guns. LOL. She’s a good girl and I like the fact that, she’s a kid at heart. So many girls today want to grow up fast  but, she still loves to color in coloring books and hang out with her friends.  She’s  a big baby…even though she’s standing over 6 feet tall in this pic. Without heels…5’9″ …still tall for a woman.

That’s her with her best friend.They’re two peas in a pod.   Time is going by so fast, in two more years she’ll be spreading her wings. She’s the last of the lot so, what will I do then?  I wonder if I’ll go through the empty nest syndrome.

I better enjoy the  moments while they’re here….and I do.


8 thoughts on “YellowJacket

  1. Pretty girl…funny…I too have a volleyball player and because of my current schedule and no weekend games at her new school this year –I have yet to see her in action. From what she tells me, she is also a powerhouse server …this is too uncanny…she also throws the shot put and the discus…and can morph into the “girly girl” quick, fast and in a hurry…not only that…she is the ultimate “kid at heart” — cartoons, those l’il bands you put on your arm, her stray puppy just loves her and loves the little ones…she’ll likely teach–kids draw to her like a magnet..You had my daughter…LOL!

    Bet they would be GREAT friends…or BFF’ they say..I swear I thought you were describing my baby…she’s is not quite 5’9” probably 5’5” 5’6″ and she is 15…still separated at birth…LOL!

    • Wow! Sounds like you have my girl! LOL! I bet they’d be great friends as well…and if she’s 5’6′ at 15, she still has some growing left. You’re right, it is uncanny because YellowJacket draw kids like a magnet as well. So much so that, we call her “Pied Piper.” I love when young girls are just that…young girls.
      Does your daughter have big feet? Mine does.LOL
      *she’s gonna kill me for saying that when she finds my blog one day* 🙂

      • YES!!!! I would like to say a 9 but I think I mentally stopped when she got to that number –I know she has a few 10’s and 101/2’s! I can recall being VERY frustrated trying to buy her a pair of dress shoes the night before a Father/Daughter dance and she could not fit a child’s size –I tried –even had them pull out the biggest size they had at.–get this–Stride Rite LOL! They only went up to a 6. She wanted me to buy her some sling backs in elementary school…NOT ON MY WATCH! I’m not sure what we found that night but I went to 4 or 5 shoe stores…She’s also got hips! and Yes, I have had the struggle with finding her a “little girl” dresses –and when I find it –I buy it–bought an outfit for the homecoming this summer. We still work hard –as mommie ain’t having no trash in the house–we do much better now –she shops for herself –WITH my eye. If I’m with her –I go in the dressing room…Yes, she is 15–but I don’t care! This is too funny!

    • SP, I would break my neck. She walks in them like, she was born with them on her feet…I don’t know how they do it either.

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