We’re In The Guinness Book Of World Records!

Wednesday, NavySeal and I were out running errands and while listening to the radio (AM 87.0) Garland Robinette was broadcasting live from the Superdome .  He mentioned that, they had the world’s largest king cake at the dome and Haydel’s Bakery was setting a world record not once but, twice.  The public was invited to the event and the proceeds from the cake was going to the Susan G. Komen cure for breast cancer foundation.

Well, with a win-win situation like that, there was no way I was not going! I get to eat king cake in September and the proceeds are going to the fight against breast cancer…count me in!

So, we headed off to the Superdome and boy, was I surprised when we got to the dome parking  lot and found out that, parking was free!

This cake is (was) the Anaconda of king cakes!

The inner ring is the cake that broke the previous record, which to our surprise, was held by a bakery in Houston, Texas.

WHAT!?  How in the world did a bakery in Houston have the world record for the largest king cake?  Well, we’ll have no more of that!

Don’t they know we’re food snobs down here? Ya gotta be from “da boot” if ya gonna hold that record *humph*

The outer ring broke the inner ring’s record.

We hit the dome around 11:30, they started cutting the cake at noon.  Garland was still broadcasting live when we arrived.

I just love Garland…he tells it like it is!  The line of people in the front was a line for free t-shirts.  Yeah, in addition to the king cake, if you arrived early enough, you could get a free one compliments of Monogram t-shirts.  I don’t know how many folks were able to get one but,

y’all know I was getting one of those bad boys! Especially with the controversy surrounding the “who dat” phrase going on.

After awhile,the crowd starting snaking around the dome just like the cake,The turn out was great, king cake was awesome. It was hot as hell out there, but we’re used to that so…no biggy here…and they had free water for everyone.NOLA, anytime you need me to eat something  “fantabulous” and it’s going to a great cause as well…I’m there.


7 thoughts on “We’re In The Guinness Book Of World Records!

    • SP, the cake went around the entire dome…twice. They said that it was a little over a mile length if stretched out.
      When I saw those shirts, I HAD to get one of them. NavySeal got the other shirt that says, “peace,love and who dat.”

  1. It took a while for me to appreciate a good King Cake. I kept thinking that it should be sweet and all that. If you’re not from ‘Nawlins, you really can’t appreciate that fact.

    The best King Cake that I ever had, I got at Good Children’s bakery in Mereaux. Now that King Cake was delicious!!!

    By the way, even though I haven’t lived there in 12 years; your face is so familiar I just know that I’ve seen you before.

  2. Reg, I’ve had ’em from there before and you’re right…they are delicious!
    The cake from Haydels was good although, I had to wrap my mind around the black and gold sprinkles first.

    You’ve probably seen me “somewhere” in this darn city…I’m always out and about. Not only that but, I tend to be one of those people who strike up a conversation with everyone I encounter..lol

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