Blogging on the Bayou…Transitions.

Hi Y’all!

Haven’t been ’round these here parts lately because, I’m preparing for my daddy to return home.  Seems that, he was in the hospital  a few weeks ago (and didn’t call to tell anyone.) We found out when one of my brothers called him and he “just happened” to be in the hospital.  Said he didn’t call anyone because he didn’t want us to panic.

Are you kidding me? I panic when I DON’T know about something, not when I do.

I swear, sometimes my family forgets that I’m a nurse.

His current state of health requires him to either enter a nursing facility or come back home by me.

That’s a no brainer…dude is coming home.

So, I have more than a few things to do before the transition is final. But,when he comes home, that’s one less thing I’ll have to worry about.  Him being in Houston was kinda stressing me out because, my dad is hard-headed and thinks his 80 year old body is that of a 50 year old…and it ain’t.

Just think of  Albert Lambreaux  in Treme and you pretty much have my dad. Stubborn, a man of few words but, when he does speak, it’s pretty heavy.  Hard-headed as the day is long…yep, that’s him.

It’s gonna be quite the battle when I have to take those car keys from him.

Purpleknight and YellowJacket are ecstatic that their “paw-paw” is coming back ( I guess so, he gives them everything and anything they want.)

To be honest, so am I.  I miss the old man. He’s my rock. If all I have to do is make sure he’s comfortable in his elder years and well taken care of  until he makes his final transition…I can do that standing on my head.

NavySeal is beyond amazing because, he supportive of  everything.  He had taken care of his mom until she took her last breath so, he understands.

It’s wonderful when you have a partner in life that’s on the same page as you are.

Now, on a lighter note;

I never thought KEVIN would win Top Chef!  How’d that happen?

I’m just glad Angelo didn’t win.  Anyone could have won, just as long as it wasn’t Angelo. He was kinda smug the entire show except for when Kenny was eliminated. That shook him up pretty bad because, he considered Kenny his only competitor.  Tiffany didn’t win but, she got some serious cash and a honeymoon out of the deal…not too shabby.

Now, I’m ready for Top Chef Masters!

I’m some glad the Saints won when they played the Vikings.  With all the hoopla that was going on in the city that day…my goodness, it looked like a Superbowl event. All the networks were broadcasting from here, a parade, a concert.  Yeah, glad they won. We would have never lived that one down if they had lost.

I could just here the naysayers screaming in their deepest southern drawl,

Y’all had all that down there for the first season game and ya lost it!

Anyone watching the Apprentice?  Lawd, Mahsa made me wanna jump through the telly and roundhouse kick her!  She is a Tiger!

Poor Nicole…Mahsa  was shaking her like rag doll  in that boardroom.  I found it interesting that, they are both attorneys and around the same age. Mahsa being an ADA, clearly has that “killer instinct” and has no problem going for the jugular.

Yesterday, I spotted a “shrimp vendor” at the old Gentilly Woods Mall selling them for 3lbs for $10. He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse…7lbs for $20!

The best part is, he has some of the prettiest shrimp! Gracious!

If you’re in the area, he’s on the Louisa Street side by the bank.  Don’t sleep on him because his shrimp look great and they’re fresh!

Now, if he would only go get me some crabs…lol

We had shrimp po-boys last night. I think Imma hook up some stuffed bell peppers for Sunday dinner. I have all the heads and shells and plan on making my shrimp stock today to use for my other dishes like gumbo and whatnot.

I hope he’s in the area around the holidays…nothing like a good seafood vendor around that time of the year.

That’s all I got going on random with me.  What’s happening in your neck of  the woods?


6 thoughts on “Blogging on the Bayou…Transitions.

  1. Oh man, my dad too. We had to send the police around to his apartment in New England to do a welfare check one time and he was PISSED. And then we find out the reason he never called us that week was because he fell on the stairs and sprained his shoulder so bad he couldn’t walk to the phone. And he’s STILL pissed at us for worrying about him, because he’s “a grown man, goddammit.”

    I have no advice. We’re still not handling it right and I’m not really sure how.

    • Ray, my dad said that “grown man” statement to me as well. I told him his grown ass is old as Methuselah! He laughed. It’s hard when your parents reach the elder years because, they still want to be independent but their body won’t allow it. And then, they have the issue of their kids “trying to tell them what to do” going on in their heads. In the meantime, we’re the ones trying to keep them from killing themselves or someone else.
      It’s a hard situation for everyone involved.

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