Day 11-My Siblings

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this one for a while now. I’ve decided to just tell a bit about  each one of my siblings…that way you’ll get to see more of what makes up ole’ Ali.  My brothers have had quite an influence in my life.

Ok, my parents originally had 9 kids…8 boys and me. I was directly in the middle with 4 older and 4 under however, two of my older brothers passed and I grew up with 6 of my brothers.

Let me add that, my parents had a fetish for the letter D.  All 6 of  my brother’s name begin with D. We used to love to listen to her get all tongue-tied, trying to get the right “D” name out  when she was angry at one of them..totally hilarious.

My Posse’

Brother #1. The Musician.

He’s the oldest living brother. Because, he’s the oldest, he was the disciplinarian out of us kids. He  kept us in tow, and watched us when my parents went out on the town. This is the brother that taught me every new dance that was out at the time. He’d grab me and we’d end up doing the bump, the 4 corners or whatever the dance of the day was back in the late 60’s and 70’s. He’s an awesome dancer and because of him,so am I.  He started playing the drums at 10 years old, went to St. Aug , was a member of the Marching 100’s  and received a full musical scholarship to college. He’s a big shot with the government but, he’s still a musician.  He loves the sound of those drums, and is the reason I’m such a “bandhead.”
I call  him my “2nd daddy” because, treats me more like a daughter than a sister…and that’s fine with me.

Brother #2. The Mechanic.

This dude rebuilt his first engine at 14 years old (yeah, I know.) Growing up, he was the most adventurous one.  He loved anything and everything fast. Every car he ever owned was always “suped up” by him and then, he’d race it.  He rarely lost. Never had any  formal training as a mechanic but, can listen to a car and tell you exactly what’s wrong with it. Some people are just gifted in other areas and this dude is a mechanical genius. He loves cars. Loves to build ’em…loves to race ’em. Very popular, even to this day when someone hears my last name, they ask if I’m kin to him.   Growing up, I would go racing with him or he’d take me riding on his motorbike. Thinking about it now, it seems really weird  because, The Mechanic and I could not get along.  He was oil and I was water. But, we were always together…go figure.  I get my “lead-foot” from him.

Brother #3. Mr GQ

This is the one that had to look “just so.” If you asked him to run to the store for a loaf of bread, he had to take a bath(again), iron his jeans, put on cologne and everything else before he left.   In high school, this cat was on his way to school and before he made it there,  the CREASE fell out of his pants.  He turned around, came back home, re-ironed his pants and then, went to school. He’s still a sharp dresser today. When he married, he married a woman just like him.  When they would come over, my mom would say, the “pretty people” are here.  He’s pretty laid back, the “I”m too sexy fo’ my car” one in the family.LOL

Brother #4.  The Ruff-Ryder

Given the name because, while in California, he was a member of the Ruff-Ryder Motorcycle Club. He has a love for fast bikes and cars like The Mechanic but, he can’t build ’em…just race ’em.  Growing up, he and I were extremely close. I was his big sis and he looked up to me. He had this crazy sense of  humor and would keep me laughing.  We were so close that, when he was in the Navy and I was a Navy wife, we made sure that we’d both end up stationed in the same location…San Diego. And on the plus side,Mr. GQ was in Barstow, just a few hours away. Even the military couldn’t keep us apart!  Brutally blunt and outspoken, he was the most protective of me growing up and would give my boyfriends a hard way to go.

Brother#5. The Testimony

This brother is the one that put a few gray hairs on my parents head. Started hanging with a bad bunch of dudes and did some time or as they say today, “went on vacation.”  For his birthday, I did a post here so, I won’t go into all of that because, I’ve already done it.  Y’all just click and read…it really is a testimony. Growing up, he was really attached to my mom.  When she passed, he took it the hardest. He looks up to me as well and often seeks my opinion before he makes a decision regarding something.

The Musician and The Testimony are 20 years apart…and I still have one to go.

Brother #6.  The Oracle 

He’s the only person in my family who reads my blog. The last of the lot, he was spoiled by my mom and me. His blog name is The Oracle because, dude is a MENSA  genius. That in itself is quite a story. My mom was 42 when she had him. Everyone, including the doctors advised against it. Said that, he could have down syndrome because she and my dad were in their 40’s etc.  Well, she had him and when he was 2 years old, we noticed that, dude was actually reading. He’d sit in my mom’s lap while she read the paper and would actually read the words.

No, there wasn’t any Baby Can Read or stuff like that involved. Are ya joking? My mom had her first child at 18, she had her last kid at 42!  She was tired.  By the time he came along, she had already raised 6 kids…the last thing she was gonna do was give herself extra work.

Nah buddy, you “learnt” to read in school back then….See Jane. See Spot..See Spot Run.

When Oracle  started school, he blew everything out of the water so, they tested him and that’s when they found out. I won’t say his score but, it’s really high. Like I’ve said, he’s MENSA.   I remember when, Ben Franklin High School contacted my parents and told them they wanted him to attend  and he was exempt from any and all entrance exams. That’s quite a feat considering what you have to go through to get into Ben.  Growing up, he was my baby.  He clung to me like a kola bear.   He wouldn’t go to sleep unless I was right there next to him. One time, I went by cousin’s house to spend the night but,  he cut up so bad that, my mom called and said she couldn’t do anything with him.  I had to go back home…thanks Oracle.

He’s the brother that’s the most like me. He’s moody(like me), flip at the lip(like me), and a geeky, nerd(like me.) We share the same sense of humor. He’s the brother that I’m closest to now.

He’s also 22 years younger than The Musician.

Growing up as an only girl was great. My brothers and I rarely argued…shoot, half the time, I had to run them out of my room. We’re still a pretty tight bunch, some closer than others but, that’s normal when there are a lot of siblings.

I never missed having a sister because, I always had so much fun with the fellas.  As you can see from some of the pics, they’re a wacky bunch of dudes…and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


20 thoughts on “Day 11-My Siblings

  1. Thank you for this post. I come from a family of “only” five kids, but I understand the different personalities in a large family.

    BTW, your mother was beautiful!!! I love that picture.

    I love your writing. Don’t ever stop.

    • Judy, 5 kids is a good amount of rugrats to have around!
      That’s a nice size family to grow up in and five is really large, if you only have one bathroom in the house!

  2. You have more brothers than I do (four). It was Catholic saints’ names in our family.

    The picture of the HO race track is great — really takes me back. If your brothers were like us, they figured out every possible way to make the cars go faster.

    • K, you are not going to believe this but, I JUST threw some tracks away! I found them in the attic…maybe I should have kept them.

      • We sure had fun with ours. I bet that your brothers will have nothing but smiles when reminded of it. Ask them if they tried to make the cars go faster by taking a pencil eraser to the metal contacts.

      • K, I don’t even have to ask them because, I remember them doing that!!! LOL. OMG, my mom used to be screaming at my brother, the mechanic because, naturally HE was the one do showed my other brothers how to do that. When we were in school, my mom had a drawer in the kitchen with pens, pencils, etc. None of the pencils ever had erasers on them…they used to take them all off! I never asked them what they were doing with the erasers, I thought they were erasing something…duh.
        After all these years….I finally know why they took the darned erasers.

    • Thanks Tazzee. I have some friends that get on my nerves today about my brothers.LOL. I had one co-worker looking at my blog, spotted The Oracle and started with the, “now, THAT’S my type right THERE” stuff.

      *yes, Andrea, I told her that he’s married.

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