*A Station Identification Break*

Whew, I needed to take a break from that challenge! Ya’ll got me talking about all kinds of stuff…all up in my head and errythang!

So, Imma need to take a break and do some random stuff;

I must be really through with the post traumatic stress stuff. It’s the middle of  hurricane season and I’m not feeling stressed. It doesn’t even bother me anymore.

The other day, I wrote an angry letter to The Bravo Channel.  I basically told them to tell the “morons that be” to put the Top Chef episodes back on the internet.

I guess that means, I’m addicted to Top Chef…and the internet.

The movie, Green Lantern is filming in New Orleans.  NavySeal and PurpleKnight got to be extras in the movie!  That’s really cool! We’re hoping that, they end up on the screen and not on the cutting room floor.  They’re in one of the really big scenes so, they have a chance.

NavySeal got a call to be an extra in another film after that one…I guess that’ll makes him an ” extra regular.”

My son is in college *sigh*

Ya’ll remember my post about YellowJacket having a boyfriend? Well, they broke up.  Why do kids break up right when you start liking the person they’re dating?  Now, I gotta break up with him too…and I don’t wanna.

I was looking at my blog…I sure put up a lot of photos. I need to rename it, Bayoucreole..my life in pictures. I’m amazed that I even have that many photos left.  Oh well, the more  put up, the more saved…just in case.

I started drinking carrot juice for this challenge I’m in.  (what’s the deal with me and challenges) and I LOVE THIS STUFF!  Not only that but, my skin is so clear now.

I just have to make sure I don’t drink too much of it.  Don’t want to end up looking like an Opa Lupa.

Deanies Seafood was out of oysters when we went there.

Copeland’s is now selling BBQ because of their shortage of oysters.

This oil-spill really sucks.

The 5th year anniversary is upon us *sigh* we still got a lotta work to do here.

I watched the CNN Special, A New Orleans Rising with Soledad O’Brian and Wendell Pierce.  I  had gone to the pre-screening but, I wanted to see it again. I was sorta holding my breath the first time I saw it.  They showed my house right after the storm…man, was hard to watch.   

It’s airing again tonight at 8pm eastern for anyone who wants to watch it on CNN.

I plan to do my last Katrina post soon and then, I can finally put her to rest.

I’m sitting at work right now writing all of this…how many people ACTUALLY put in 8 hours of work on the job? 

Oops,I lost track of time… time to clock out!


14 thoughts on “*A Station Identification Break*

  1. You were doing great with the challenge and the pictures are great too.

    I haven’t watched one Katrina special yet but I may check out Spike Lee’s movie and Soledad’s if they replay it. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Cliff. I don’t know how many Katrina Specials I’m gonna be able to handle. I do want to see Spike Lee’s but, I think I’m gonna skip the rest.

  2. I think this is going to be an intense week, but everybody can just take what they want and leave the rest. I’m actually glad if the rest of the country thinks of Katrina at this point. But since we never stopped thinking of it, the documentaries etc can take us to the saturation point very quickly. enjoy your break from the challenge, bc, but we’ll be looking forward to the rest of it, including the sweet photos. sp

  3. I agree, the 5 year mark is going to be intense because, a lot of folks are still struggling to rebuild.
    It’s sad, that they have 3 billion dollars left…800 milliion earmarked for Road Home alone and yet…no money is getting into the hands of those who need to finish rebuilding.

  4. yeah i hate what has happened in NO… i wish i had read this sooner..i turned on the t.v. the other day and say some Katrina stuff and I found myself laughing and crying at the lil boy who “seemed so nice and docile” who then Kanye’d the news people and the world.. I loved it..out of the mouth of babes.. he let the world know that it wasn’t all peaches and cream in that dome

  5. I’m not sure that I knew you were a Top Chef watcher. We love that show. The current group has nothing on the Vegas crew though.

    • I watch Top Chef without fail! When Kenny was voted off, it sorta killed the vibe for me on the show. Not that I wanted him to win but…he was a beast!
      Tiffany is killin’ them! I think she may win.

      I have a crush on Tom…lol
      and on Ahmed Hasaan on Yard Crashers!

      Remember my crush on George Clooney when he was on ER and you bought me that ER shirt?

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