Day 8 – A Moment.

This is a moment that, I’ll never forget because…it was my last big moment before the storm.  My daughter, YellowJacket was 11 years old at the time and there was a concert coming to the city on August 12, 2005…two weeks before Katrina.

The concert was at the Arena and featured; Bow-Wow, Omarion,Bobby Valentino and some other kids.  Because she was only 11, I didn’t really want to take her. I thought 11 was too young to go to a concert…I was practically grown when I started going to concerts.

She begged and pleaded and finally, I gave in and purchased two tickets.

We went to the mall and bought her a cute pair of jeans to wear with a darling little top, her step-mom braided her hair…she looked so precious.

She even got her nails did…(yeah, I know)

When we hit the concert, I realized how wrong I was about being too young because….every kid in there looked like they were 10 to 15 years old!

YellowJacket was beaming! She was looking fly and about to see her heartthrob live and in living color…Bow-Wow.

And she had everything they were selling in the lobby (parents are such suckas.)

The concert started and all you could hear was girls screaming…and yellowjacket was right along with them.

The other parents and I just sat there, looking at one another and laughing at it all because, the energy in there was electrifying.

The kids were so happy!

Yellow Jacket was singing and swaying  to every song that was sung…and then, Bow-Wow told them light up their cell-phones and hold it in the air.

*what the hell happened to the bic lighter?*

Of course, she took my cell-phone and joined in.

I sat there thinking…ya know, this right here is what it’s all about.

Memories man…creating good memories for ya kids.

She had the time of her life.

And so did I.


2 thoughts on “Day 8 – A Moment.

  1. She’s such a cutie.

    I remember I spent the week in Miami on South Beach. We were supposed to stay another day, but we got wind of a hurricane that was growing stronger by the moment. It was supposed to either hit Miami or side swipe it pretty good. So I left a day early in an attempt to avoid the growing hurricane….Katrina.

    I flew home and then watched it bypass Miami and make a beeline straight for my old stomping grounds. I must admit, I’m still pissed at how it happened, was handled and the aftermath.

    I used to be an Operations Manager at the International Rivercenter. I had lunch in the Riverwalk Mall most days. I was thoroughly disgusted to see the Convention Center in the sad and sorry state that it was on television; particularly when I think of the times I’ve spent there and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the past.

    One of these days, maybe I’ll move back to ‘Nawlins.

    • I know bruh…
      We left at the 11th hour…my dad ended up in the Superdome. The 5th year anniversary is upon us and still many homes are in desperate need of repair…and ROAD HOME MONEY.

      If you ever move back, or visit…hit me up.

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