Day 7. My Best Friend…Monnie

My oldest and dearest friend is Monnie.  I’ve known her for 47 years…my entire life.  She’s the closest that I’ve ever come to having a sister.  I know some of you are thinking, “how can you have known someone for your entire life?”  Easy, it all started here;That’s our moms.  Our parents purchased houses 5 doors from one another in 1957 and our moms were often pregnant at the same time.

Monnie and I are one month apart so, our moms were pregnant at the same time(again) with us.  We did everything together…went to the same elementary, junior and senior high school together.

first day of school

That’s us on going to school for the very first time…I love how we’re holding hands. And yes, I still tease her about that too short dress her mom put on her. That chick  knows everything there is to know about me…the good, the bad and the ugly and we’ve remained friends through is all.  We were inseparable growing up. If she wasn’t at my house, I was at hers….being only 5 houses away had its advantages.

Ali and Monnie...halloween

She was always taller than me but, people still would get us confused. I guess because, we were always together. Our history is deep, with so many memories.  She’s a member of my family….a part of who I am.  When I see her, I see an extension of myself. Just hearing her voice makes me smile.  She can make me laugh like no other friend can…I think it’s because she has an arsenal of memories to pull from.


We know one another inside and out. When I got married in ’91, I knew she would never be in the bridal party…she just ain’t that kinda girl. I knew she’d be there though…and she was.  Calming my nervous jitters as only she could do, she found an aisle seat, waited for me to pass and then said something totally insane (something you really shouldn’t say) in church…yeah, it was nasty.


I love her…she loves me.  We’ve celebrated milestones and endured heartache together.  She’s given me 47 years of unconditional love and support.

She is more than a best friend…she is my sister.


9 thoughts on “Day 7. My Best Friend…Monnie

  1. This post made me smile. 47 years! That’s unheard of these days. Me and my bestie are going on 31 years, and I know how deep those roots can run. It goes way beyond best friend. That’s sister right there.

    And I can only imagine what she said to you, lol.

    • Shoot Lee, 31 years is unheard of today! You and LadyTee are sisters as well. Monnie is one of those really outspoken chicks so, I wasn’t surprised when that fool told me, I was going to get f*ked really good that night…lol

      *awww Lawd, I made my brother…The Oracle blush again.

  2. That’s a really nice story!!! Don’t we all wish that we had a good friend like that!!!

    I know one things for sure, your husband sure has a big ass grin on his face!!!!

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