Day 6-Your Day.

Today was a dreary, rainy lil day so, I decided to do some cleaning up ’round these here parts.  I did find a few interesting things though. Here’s what I found:

…for those of you just too young to know, it’s a RECORD HOLDER.  Back in the dinosaur days, we used to play records and we’d line them up in this little thingy here.

and check this out…

Yes, it’s an 8-track tape of the Average White Band…wow. I remember my 8-track player…it was so cute and red…AND BIG.

Going though some toys, I found this…

A Transformer.  No, this is not the new ones they have out today…this one has a date of 1984 on the back. It belonged to my brother, The Oracle…who’s now in his mid 30’s.

This little tape here, belonged to our Atari System.  Anyone remember those?

…and a Sega Genesis tape…

Super Nintendo here…

Something from ole’ Kaiser which shut down in the early 80’s….

And my most coveted find is right here….

My mother’s autograph book from when she was in school…wow.  It’s dated 1947.  There’s even a page in there where my dad wrote something to her. I think I’m going to have that page framed.

It seems that, a very young Ali also wanted to put something in it….OMG that’s too funny. Apparently, I was working on my penmanship… and my thoughts (success is the key to education)…and my spelling (your “litter” girl.)

Well, that’s all I did today…just cleaned out a bunch of stuff around the house and ended up finding some neat little surprises along the way.



7 thoughts on “Day 6-Your Day.

    • I know huh. I think I’m going to keep them all. I’m going to get a bin and keep them in the attic. Shoot, now that I think about it…that’s where they were in the first place…lol
      I also found a VHS that I taped Video Soul with Donny Simpson on it…OMG talk about old. It has Vanessa Williams’s first video and Ashford and Simpson’s, “Solid as a Rock” on it.

  1. I remember that old 8-Track player. I ended up with it at one point.

    That Transformer….wow. I remember once taking it apart just to see if I could put it back together. I guess I did since you found it in one piece. LOL

    I was just telling PurpleKnight via text message a couple of weeks ago about all of those old Atari 2600 games that we had and were still in the house when I left.

    • You ended up with MOST of my
      Did you wear my leather Guess jacket too? The two brothers before you used to jack me and take it to school with them…don’t remember seeing you with it on though.

      I only found one Atari tape so far, who know what else is in that attic. It’s like a shrine of our childhood up there. It seems mom never threw anything away.

  2. I wore that jacket a time or 2. LOL

    That attic used to be full of stuff. I think every toy I ever owned was up there at one point. All the bowling trophies and stuff were up there too. We weren’t a “throw it away” house, we were a “put it away out of view and forget about it” house. LOL

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