Day 4. What you ate today.

Well, this is gonna be a short post. I’ll have to post something later to make up for this one…lol

I have to post what I ate yesterday since it’s about 7 a.m. and the only thing I could have eaten would be breakfast.

Sunday, I did not eat healthy…won’t find no healthy foods eaten here today. Too busy rippin and runnin so, I was catching what I could, when I could.  Oh, I did have carrot juice in the morning…that counts!

Breakfast : The Krispy-Kreme also known  to me as “crack with a hole in it” donuts.

Lunch: Oh, one of my co-workers treated me to…Taco Bell.  Had a nacho bell grande…no beans please.

Dinner: Hey, I did eat sorta healthy for this one.  Had Salisbury Steak with noodles and brown gravy, a salad and cantaloupe.  I had forgotten about that.

I really need to eat more healthy when I’m out…just so hard.  I’m  working on it…slowly but surely.


8 thoughts on “Day 4. What you ate today.

  1. DDAYUUUUUM !!!!
    “crack with a hole in it” you are tooooo much young lady, you should be a stand up comediane !!! ROTFLMAO

    • Susanna, that’s what I tell myself when I’m eating the junk food. Problem is, I feel horrible for a few days after I eat it…must be getting old 🙂

  2. it is a process…i am going to have to eat salad all this week to make up for all of the “bad” but tasted so good food i pumped into my body while on my road trip…

    • Yep, Taco Hell for Lunch. I hadn’t had the nacho bell grande in years and after eating it…it’ll be years before I have another.

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