Letter to the dog lover about…that dog

Hey Neighbor,

I hear your dog ran away….the one that you let stay outside in the freezing cold and rain for 4 days and nights last winter. Yeah, that dog.  He was so cold and wet when I saw him, he looked as if he was going to die.  I hear someone brought him inside, gave him a bath, food and water and introduced him to their pack.

The same dog who was out in this southern heat  last summer and you gave him no water to drink and no shade from the sun…yeah, that dog.  We put fresh water out three times a day so,he could stop drinking that dirty sewer water.

The same dog who was scavenging for food, the one you all never spoke to. The one who was hit , had a broken paw and you all never got him medical attention for it. The same dog who woke me up 5:00 a.m. yelping.  When I looked out the window, I saw you standing over him with your fist in the air…ready to strike  him again. Yeah, that dog.

Well, I’m sorry. I can’t help you but. I hear he’s doing ok.

I hear he’s being treated like royalty now.  He has food and water and treats every day.  He has all of his shots and gets all the belly rubs he could ever want!  He doesn’t worry about the cold and rain anymore because, I hear he’s inside where it’s safe and warm. That dude even jumps in the bed and chills out as if he owns it…I hear.

He’s happy and he’s loved…at least, that’s what I hear.

So, don’t worry your dog abusing self about  him.

I hear he’s doing  JUST FINE.